Apple blocks Coinbase's cryptocurrency wallet app, is the cause NFT?

Coinbase has revealed that it is due to Apple's influence that it is impossible to send NFT with the virtual currency wallet 'Coinbase Wallet'.

Coinbase Wallet - the key to the world of Web3

Coinbase's official Twitter account tweeted a statement regarding the matter.

“Some of you may have noticed that you can no longer send NFTs with Coinbase Wallet on iOS. This is because Apple blocked the release of the app until we removed the [NFT sending] functionality.”

'Apple's claim is that the fees required for NFT transmission must be paid through the in-app purchase system, so Apple can collect 30% of it.'

“Anyone who understands how NFTs and blockchain work should know that this is clearly not possible. Apple’s in-app purchase system does not support cryptography, so we would like to support it. I can't.'

'What Apple is trying to do is like trying to charge a fee for emails sent over open Internet protocols.'

“iPhone users who own NFTs will be most affected by Apple’s policy changes. Apple's move made it very difficult.'

“Simply put, Apple has introduced policies to protect its interests at the expense of consumer investment in NFTs and developer innovation across the crypto ecosystem.”

'We hope this is an oversight by Apple and an inflection point for further dialogue with the ecosystem.'

Coinbase co-founder and CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted, ``It's a great example of the discussions we have with Apple every month to address app store monopolies. increase.

Apple has not commented on this matter.

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