A site that can easily and accurately calculate the amount of water lost from the human body per day appeared


Institute of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition (NIBIOHN) In addition to Yosuke Yamada, Director of the Exercise Guidelines Laboratory , Physical Activity Research Department, Waseda University, Kyoto University of Advanced Science, University of Tsukuba, and China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, etc. Researchers at research institutes jointly announced a formula that accurately predicts ``the amount of water lost from the body in a day''. Based on this formula, a site that can easily calculate the amount of water lost in a day on the browser 'Calculator of water lost in a day 'Has appeared, so I actually entered and measured it.

water loss calculator per day

The content of the research and the content of the calculation formula are explained in the following article.

A formula that can accurately predict the amount of water lost from the human body per day turned out - GIGAZINE

The water loss calculator per day is based on the published calculation formula, 'physical activity level', 'weight (kg)', 'sex', 'average humidity per day (%)', 'athlete or not', 'human development'. It is necessary to enter the index, altitude (m), age (years old), and average temperature (°C).

This time, the physical activity level is “mainly a sedentary lifestyle (1.5)”, the weight (kg) is “72”, the gender is “male (1)”, and the average daily humidity (%) is

from October 2022 by the Japan Meteorological Agency. '75' based on data from Tokyo, 'not athlete (0)' for athlete or not, 'developed country (0)' for Human Development Index, altitude (m) is a site that summarizes elevation data for various parts of Japan・Referring to altitude above sea level navigation , enter '5', age (years old) as '30', average temperature as '17.2' based on Tokyo data for October 2022 provided by the Japan Meteorological Agency . After entering all items, click 'Calculate'.

Then, it was calculated that the amount of water lost from the body per day (ml / day) was '3386.7476'.

However, the research team stated in a press release :

It should be noted here that even if a man in his 20s loses an average of 4.2 liters of water per day, he does not need to drink 4.2 liters of water per day. Approximately 10% (approximately 0.4ℓ) of water is produced in the body during the process of energy metabolism, and a small amount of water also enters the body through exhalation. Therefore, about 85% (about 3.6 liters) of this is a guideline for water intake. Plus, many foods contain water, so you'll be drinking a lot of water just by eating a 'solid meal.' In the case of Japanese people, if they eat 3 regular meals, they will take in about half of the 3.6 liters of water from their meals, so the amount required for 'liquid hydration' is about 1.8 per day. ℓ will be In the case of women in their 20s, it is about 1.4 liters per day.

Even if the calculation result says that you lose about 3.4 liters of water per day, it does not mean that you need to drink about 3.4 liters of water every day. Half, or roughly 1.7 liters, seems to be enough.

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