Alternative clip parts for fragile claws with LAN cables can be printed out at any time with a 3D printer

A design drawing for 3D printers of that 'claw' that clicks and fixes the LAN cable has been released. By making it, you can use it as a substitute for a broken nail.

Ethernet | RJ45 clip to secure/repair/fix broken tab by guss67 - Thingiverse

The nails designed by designer guss67 look like this. It is designed to be installed so as to sandwich the LAN cable.

The installation method is as shown in the figure below. Slide it from the side to attach it to the LAN cable whose nail has broken, and fix it by hooking the nail part on the tip.

The image below is where I actually installed it. Due to the structure of the LAN cable, the caught nail does not move forward or backward.

With the claw attached, it seems to be able to play its role as a LAN cable correctly.

When pulling out, it is OK if you push your nails.

Mr. guss67 said, ``This claw is designed to fix a broken or loose LAN cable and avoid bloating.It is designed to prevent the connector from moving, shaking, and falling, and is easy to install.'' increase.

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