``SingleFile'' that can download and save the entire page as a single file locally is compatible with Safari, so I tried using it

'SingleFile', a free website storage tool, is compatible with Safari and can be used on the iPhone, so I actually tried it.

GitHub - gildas-lormeau/SingleFile: Web Extension and CLI tool for saving a faithful copy of an entire web page in a single HTML file


'SingleFile' is a tool that allows you to save HTML files and image files as a single HTML file without saving them separately. Until now, it was available as an extension of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You can see how to install and use the PC version of 'SingleFile' from the following.

``SingleFile'' review that allows you to download and annotate the entire web page you are browsing as a single html file - GIGAZINE

In addition, 'SingleFile for Safari' that appeared this time can be installed from the link below.

SingleFile for Safari on the App Store

First, tap 'Get'.

Once installed, tap 'Open'.

Then, a screen prompting you to use it as an extension of Safari will appear as shown below.

Now open Safari and make settings. First, tap 'Aa' in the lower left.

Select Manage Extensions.

When you turn on the 'SingleFile' toggle button, a notification asking for access rights will be displayed, so tap 'Confirm'.

Then, permission to access the page you are viewing is checked. I chose 'Always Allow'.

You will then be asked if you want to allow other sites as well. Select 'Always allow for all websites'.

You are now ready to use it. To actually save the page, tap 'Ah' at the bottom left and then tap 'SingleFile'.

When the file is ready to be saved, the following message will be displayed. Tap 'Download'.

The saved page is stored in your Downloads folder as a single HTML file. To confirm, tap the HTML file.

The left is the page saved as an HTML file, and the right is the original page viewed in Safari. I was able to save it accurately, including the image, without the display collapsing or not being able to save part of it.

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