It was discovered that Facebook and Instagram's operator `` Meta '' had dismissed and disciplined more than 20 employees for `` suspicion of taking over a user account by taking a bribe ''

It became clear that employees of Meta, which operates Facebook, Instagram, etc., received bribes and hijacked user accounts. Meta's internal documents also reported that employees had received bribes of thousands of dollars (hundreds of thousands of yen), and more than 20 employees were fired for unauthorized access in 2021-2022.・It is also clear that he was subject to disciplinary action.

Meta Employees, Security Guards Fired for Hijacking User Accounts - WSJ

According to Meta's internal document obtained by The Wall Street Journal, the dismissed employee abused Meta's account recovery support system `` Online Operations (Oops) '' to take over the account.

Facebook and Instagram censor posts and suspend accounts through mechanical processes. However, mechanical processing sometimes makes mistakes, and users have often reported that their account was suddenly suspended even though it was not against the policy. Despite this, Meta does not have a manned account recovery support system in place, and in 2022, the construction of a manned customer support system has finally begun.

After 18 years, finally Meta will establish a customer service department to support users whose Facebook accounts have been deleted - GIGAZINE

Oops is a ``last resort'' prepared for users who ``cannot receive sufficient support because their account has been suspended'' as above, and an employee with account operation authority can operate the user's account. . Employees dismissed and reprimanded by Meta were abusing Oops to suspend specific user accounts. Also, some of the employees who abused Oops received bribes of thousands of dollars (hundreds of thousands of yen) from the client.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the disposal of more than 20 employees was carried out as part of an internal investigation led by Meta executives. A Meta spokesperson said, ``We will continue to take appropriate action against employees involved in similar types of fraud.''

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