Kentucky's 'Omar Shrimp's Flavor Spreading Fillet Burger' Taste Review with Rich Shrimp Taste

As a new burger for Kentucky Fried Chicken, `` Fillet Burger with Flavor of Omar Shrimp ' ' sandwiched with shrimp `` Bisque Creamy Croquette '' appeared on November 16, 2022 (Wednesday), so I went to eat it.

Fillet burger with lobster flavor | Kentucky Fried Chicken

Arrived at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Menu table with fillet burger with lobster flavor and

chicken fillet burger renewed in October 2022.

It took less than 5 minutes from ordering to getting the menu.

The appearance of 'Fill Burger with Omar Shrimp's Flavor' looks like this. The diameter of the buns is about the long side of a transportation IC card.

Plenty of tomato sauce on top of the bisque creamy croquette.

When you break it, the bisque creamy croquette is filled with rich cream and the flavor of shrimp spreads intensely in your mouth. It seems that even the spice flavor of chicken is wrapped, and it is an impression that it is an irresistible hamburger for people who like shrimp.

In addition, there is also 'cheese fillet burger with lobster's delicious taste' sandwiched between croquette and chicken. The rich flavor of the croquette is complemented by the thick and strong flavor of the cheese.

'Omar Shrimp's Flavor Spreading Fillet Burger' is 490 yen including tax, 'Lobster's Flavor Spreading Cheese Fillet Burger' is 520 yen including tax, and a set with potato S and drink M is plus 350 yen.

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