You can enjoy your favorite crispy feeling by crushing chocolate yourself `` Japan's first crush yourself !! Chocolate mint self chocolate crush! '' Tasting review

Among those who like chocolate mint ice cream, there should be many people who say, ``I like not only the refreshing feeling of mint but also the texture of crispy chocolate.'' Akagi Dairy's `` Japan's first crush yourself !! Chocolate Mint Self Chocolate Crush! It is the first time in Japan that cup ice cream is made to the size you like by crushing the chocolate coated on the side of the container by hand.

'Japan's first * Crush yourself! Chocolate mint self chocolate crush!' | Akagi Milk Industry Co., Ltd.

This is 'Japan's first crush yourself! Chocolate mint self chocolate crush!'

In addition to 'quasi-chocolate' and 'dairy products', 'apple juice' and 'liqueur' were also listed in the raw material column.

The calorie is 296 kcal per 160 ml.

It looks like this when you open the lid. You can see that the inside of the cup is coated with chocolate. Also, mint ice cream contains fine chocolate.

Immediately crush the chocolate by rubbing the container. I feel that the chocolate is crunchy, but the hardness of the ice was about the same as ordinary cup ice.

As a test, when I crushed the whole cup two or three times and ate it after crushing it, after eating it, after the slightly bitter chocolate crispy texture, the refreshing scent of mint came out of my throat and nose. I went. Even if you say chocolate mint in one word, the chocolate may be small chocolate chips, or the chocolate ice cream may be mixed with mint ice cream, so the presence of the chocolate may be diluted, so you can adjust the size of the chocolate yourself. is a good impression.

Next, I tried to make it a little finer by pressing the container strongly.

When the chocolate was finely chopped, the small chocolate and mint ice melted in the mouth, giving a slightly different impression than the first bite, and I was able to enjoy a slight taste change.

`` Japan's first crush yourself! Chocolate mint self chocolate crush!

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