Major illustration posting site 'DeviantArt' starts providing AI image generation function, setting to reduce the display of AI works and mechanism not to let AI learn works

DeviantArt, a major community service that allows you to post art works such as illustrations, has announced the image generation function 'DreamUp ' by AI. In addition, in response to user feedback that ``works posted on DeviantArt are being used for AI learning without permission,'' we have created a ``mechanism to convey to AI developers that they don't want to be used for learning.'' We are also announcing improvements.

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The AI image generation function ``DreamUp'' announced by DeviantArt is a service that makes it possible to use the image generation AI `` Stable Diffusion '', which was released to the public in August 2022, from the DeviantArt site. DeviantArt users can easily generate images simply by entering sentences (prompts) that indicate the characteristics of the image they want to generate in the DreamUp input field. The generated image is automatically saved in the file storage service '' provided by DeviantArt.

DreamUp can be used for free up to 5 prompts, and 4 paid plans 'Core', 'Core +', 'Core Pro' and 'Core Pro +' are also available. The outline of each plan is as follows.

Core: 50 free prompts plus additional prompts every 20 points
Core+: 100 free prompts plus additional prompts every 15 points
Core Pro: 200 free prompts plus an extra prompt every 10 points
Core Pro+: 300 free prompts plus additional prompts every 50 points

DeviantArt appealed that it was possible to get inspiration for ideas and create prototypes of works in a short time by using image generation by AI, but users said, ``Images posted to DeviantArt have been posted without the artist's permission. There were voices criticizing the current situation that it is being used for learning image generation AI. Therefore, DeviantArt has announced that all submitted works will be flagged as ' noai '. According to DeviantArt, works with the 'noai' flag can be conveyed that they do not want to be used for AI learning when downloaded by developers of AI and learning datasets. However, it is up to each developer to decide whether or not to use the work with the 'noai' flag for AI learning.

Image generation AI has a technique of `` making the style of the generated image closer to the artist's unique style by including the artist's name in the prompt '', but if you use a similar technique in DreamUp, the prompt You must credit the artist name you included in the In addition, DeviantArt is calling on users who do not want their name to be used for image generation with DreamUp to send a request from the form linked below.

DreamUp Username Opt-Out Request

Furthermore, when posting an image generated by DreamUp to DeviantArt, a tag indicating that it was generated by AI will be automatically added. DeviantArt also requests that images generated using image generation AI other than DreamUp be given similar tags. In addition, DeviantArt has announced that it has added a menu that adjusts the amount of work displayed by AI when viewing works.

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