YouTube Music and YouTube Premium surpass 80 million subscribers

As of September 2022, the total number of paid members of YouTube Premium , a free music streaming service, YouTube Music , a paid version of YouTube Music Premium , and a paid subscription service that allows users to use all of YouTube's features without advertising, will reach 80 million. announced that it has surpassed According to YouTube, there will be 50 million people in 2021, which means that the number of members has increased by 30 million in one year.

We hit 80 million?!

YouTube Music and Premium Hit 80 Million-Plus Paying Subscribers - Variety

In 2015, YouTube launched YouTube Red , a paid service that includes ad hiding function and background playback function. Although this YouTube Red was not very successful, YouTube changed its name from YouTube Red to 'YouTube Premium' in 2018. At the same time, the music streaming service “YouTube Music” was launched.

Ad-free & offline playable `` YouTube Premium '' and music streaming service `` YouTube Music '' started in Japan - GIGAZINE

Since 2018, YouTube has invested more than $50 billion (approximately ¥7.3 trillion) in creators, artists, and media companies, and between July 2021 and June 2022, it has invested $6 billion (approximately) in the music industry. 880 billion yen) or more.

To help creators and labels promote their music, we've strengthened our monetization, both from advertising and subscription fees, and offer many features, including YouTube Shorts. According to YouTube, YouTube Shorts videos have been played an average of 30 billion times a day at the time of article creation.

Adam Smith, vice president of product at YouTube, said, 'There are no ads, you can play videos and audio in other apps and mobiles, and you can access the videos and audio you need when you get on an airplane even if you forget to download them. We've been building YouTube Music and YouTube Premium for the past 7 years, centering on core features such as what you can do, etc. Our goal is to make YouTube available everywhere, and we're committed to helping the music industry. The entire team of experts, product managers, and engineers believes it's the best music experience in the industry,' he commented to entertainment news site Variety.

“I think having a lot of options is one of the biggest challenges,” said YouTube Music Chief Liar Cohen. “That's why I'm so excited about YouTube Shorts. It's like taking a record out of a box and trying to figure out what's next, and what I want to do is take the fans, the consumer, to the main area of YouTube and watch music videos, interviews, performances, etc. It's about getting people to watch something that connects fans and artists more deeply.'

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