Version 4 of the image generation AI ``Midjourney'' will be released, the generation of beautiful images is too easy to lament the master of spells

On November 5, 2022, version 4 (V4) of the image generation AI ' Midjourney ' was released for testing. Users who have used Midjourney V4 have commented that it is too easy to create high quality images.

“Too easy“—Midjourney tests dramatic new version of its AI image generator | Ars Technica

In recent years, AI that generates images according to input sentences (prompts) such as ' Stable Diffusion ' and ' DALL E ' has attracted a lot of attention. Midjourney is also a member of image generation AI, and in August 2022, ``a painting created using Midjourney won first place at an art competition'', and its ability to generate high-quality images is a hot topic. had become

The picture drawn by the image generation AI ``Midjourney'' took first place at the art competition and the human artist was furious - GIGAZINE

On November 5, 2022, the alpha version of Midjourney V4 was released. According to the development team, Midjourney V4 includes improvements such as ``acquisition of new knowledge such as creatures'', ``able to draw detailed parts'', and ``improved quality when drawing multiple subjects''. In addition, the development team also reveals that they are working to improve functions such as 'supporting non-square aspect ratios' and 'improving resolution'.

Below is a work allegedly produced by Midjourney V4. Image generation AI such as `` Stable Diffusion '' and `` DALL E '' needs to enter a very long spell-like prompt to generate high-quality images, but the image below is `` Close-up photography It was generated with a simple prompt 'of a face'. There are many expert users who freely manipulate prompts like spells in the image generation AI community, but from the users who saw the following images, `` Prompt masters have lost their jobs '' `` AI The jobs that were taken away are being taken away.The tragedy has become a reality.

The latest information on Midjourney is published on the official Discord server. Many images created by users with Midjourney V4 are also published on the official Discord server, so if you are interested, please join the server from the link below.

Midjourney | Discord

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