Twitter plans to identify official accounts with gray checkmarks separately from verified badges with blue checkmarks

It has been reported in the media that Twitter is planning to incorporate the `` authenticated badge '', which is a blue check mark displayed next to the existing account name, into Twitter Blue, a paid service. And newly, it is reported that Twitter plans to indicate that it is an 'official account' by distributing gray check marks to some accounts such as government, companies, and celebrities.

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Soon after Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk, it was reported that ' Twitter plans to incorporate it into its authenticated badge paid service .' Subsequently, Mr. Mask suggested charging for the authenticated badge on Twitter, and according to sources familiar with the plan, Twitter is preparing a new subscription plan for $ 7.99 per month (about 1200 yen). It is said to be planning to distribute a 'verified badge' only to plan subscribers.

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Once this 'verified badge' distribution plan is published, any user will be able to get the blue check mark by paying money. In that case, there was a concern that it would be easier to impersonate the accounts of governments, companies, and celebrities that have acquired existing blue check marks.

However, Esther Crawford, Twitter's product manager, said, ``Many people have said, 'When Twitter's blue checkmarks start to be distributed to Twitter Blue subscribers, how do you distinguish between genuine official accounts? I've been getting asked 'Should I do that?' So before we release our verified badge distribution plan, we're announcing that we're introducing an 'official' label,' he tweeted.

Furthermore, 'Not all accounts that have already earned the Verified badge will obtain the 'Official' label and cannot purchase this label. Accounts that can receive the Official label are Accounts, official accounts of commercial companies, accounts of business partners, accounts operated by major media and publishers, and accounts used by some celebrities.' 'The new Twitter Blue does not include identity verification. This is an opt-in. As a paid subscription for , we provide a blue checkmark and access to some features.We will continue to experiment with ways to distinguish between account types.'

The red frame (top) in the image below is the existing blue check mark (authenticated badge), and the red frame (bottom) is the gray check mark (official label).

Overseas media The Verge said, ``You can't buy the official label.In other words, it's Twitter who decides who gets it. It will be because Twitter has adopted a similar application process in the past for verified badges.'

In addition, in response to the point that spoofing accounts may become a problem if authenticated badges are distributed for a fee, Mr. Mask launched a policy of ``permanently freezing impersonating accounts that do not specify that they are parodies.'' I'm here.

Earon Mask launches a policy on Twitter that ``an impersonation account that does not specify that it is a parody is permanently frozen''-GIGAZINE

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