Tumblr concedes to 18 prohibited content, 'nudity is OK' but 'sex is NG'

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Tumblr , which once banned adult content, has eased restrictions and switched to a policy of allowing some content, such as images of naked human beings, as long as they use the appropriate labels. However, 'depiction of sexually explicit conduct' is still prohibited.

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Tumblr Brings Back Nudity, But Not Porn

Tumblr has been running a blog service for many years since 2007, but suddenly on November 16, 2018, the 'Tumblr iOS app' will disappear from the App Store. It was later revealed that the reason for this was that child pornographic images were handled on the same platform, and perhaps seeing this situation seriously, Tumblr announced on December 4, 2018, ``From the platform for adults We will completely remove the content.' On December 17, 2018, we unpublished all content that we identified as adult and completely prohibited future postings of similar content. Tumblr, which posted a lot of content for adults, suddenly wiped out the content, and users resented it, but the management side said, ``It is very difficult to scrutinize all content for adults,'' and asked users to understand. I was .

However, due to this regulation, the number of users will decrease by 150 million people in two months, and it will suffer a big blow. In 2019, Tumblr was acquired by WordPress parent company Automattic in response to poor performance.

Blog service Tumblr is acquired by WordPress' parent company - GIGAZINE

Tumblr, which has been banned for a while, announced on September 27, 2022 that it will add a new filtering function called 'community label'. The policy has been changed to allow posting even if there is. However, the scope was limited, and while ``content such as art, education, and news featuring nudity'' was allowed, “Content that is so photorealistic that it is misleading” continued to be regulated.

This was followed by an update of the guidelines on November 1, 2022 to allow a wider range of expressions and art, including content depicting humans, including nudity. This means that even works that contain nudity, juvenile material, or sexual themes can be shared on Tumblr with the appropriate community label.

However, 'visual depictions of sexually explicit conduct (or content that overtly focuses on genitals)' are still prohibited. Other restrictions can be found in Tumblr's Community Guidelines .

Tumblr was once popular for posting content for adults, but as of 2022, it is nowhere to be seen due to various regulations such as laws. Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg said, 'The launch of the community label is the first step in making the community more open.' The company and app store have an anti-pornography system that threatens the future of not only Tumblr but also Automattic employees if they don't follow it.Also, there is a strict age check to operate an adult social network. It is estimated that it will cost $ 7 million (about 100 million yen) annually.The era like the early Internet is no longer possible.'

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