Elon Mask said ``Twitter's authenticated badge is bullshit'' and suggested charging, and also raised the price of paid service ``Twitter Blue''

After the acquisition of Twitter by Mr. Elon Musk, major changes are underway, such as the implementation of a survey to revive the 6-second video service 'Vine' and the report of a plan to charge for authenticated badges . Newly, Mr. Mask said in his Twitter account, ``Authenticated badges are bullshit,'' and suggested charging for authenticated badges. In addition, he also talks about the price revision and functional expansion of the existing paid service “ Twitter Blue ”.

Twitter accounts that meet the three conditions of ``genuine'', ``famous'' and ``active'' can earn a blue authenticated badge by applying to Twitter. Immediately after the acquisition by Mr. Mask, information was reported about this authenticated badge that `` Twitter is considering charging for the authenticated badge ''.

It is reported that Twitter is considering asking for 3000 yen per month to maintain the official mark-GIGAZINE

And on November 2, 2022, Mr. Mask said, ``Twitter's 'lord and peasant structure' with or without a blue checkmark (verified badge) is bullshit. Give people power! $ 8 per month ( Blue of about 1200 yen)', Twitter Blue raised the monthly fee from the current $ 4.99 (about 740 yen) to $ 8 (about 1200 yen), and distributed authenticated badges to members. suggested.

Mr. Mask continued, ``(Twitter Blue's) price will be adjusted by country according to purchasing power parity .'' In addition, Twitter Blue also indicates the intention to add functions such as 'the ability to prioritize replies, mentions, and searches', 'the ability to post long movies and audio', and 'halve the advertisement'.

As mentioned above, Mr. Mask is strongly considering charging for authenticated badges. However, journalist James Ball , who has experience with obtaining verified badges due to being plagued by fake accounts, said, ``If verified badges are charged, fraud by fake accounts impersonating government agencies, banks, and celebrities will occur. It makes it easier to spread fake news, ”he said , arguing the dangers of paying for authenticated badges.

In addition, Twitter Blue also included a service that `` allows you to view more than 300 American news media articles without advertisements '', but this `` ad-free news service '' will be released on November 1, 2022. It is also reported that it ended suddenly.

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