YouTube launches licensing program to bring videos created by trusted medical professionals to more users

To reach a wider audience with videos created by trusted medical professionals, YouTube has introduced a licensing program that favors 'wellness-related channels whose videos are based on information from trusted sources.' have started.

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Without a doubt, the most reliable health-related advice comes from medical professionals. However, information from health professionals is primarily available only through hospital visits. Also, many people make decisions about their health on their own before going to the hospital for professional advice.

That's why YouTube is launching ' YouTube Health ' to partner with medical professionals to bring high-quality health-related content to users so that everyone can access high-quality health-related information.

In addition, YouTube announced the launch of a licensing program to allow certain categories of medical professionals and health information providers to demonstrate that their YouTube channels provide accurate health-related information.

Content from channels licensed through YouTube's licensing program will display an ' info panel ' at the bottom of the video. The information panel indicates where the information for the video came from, such as:

Additionally, content from sanctioned channels will be highlighted when searching for health-related topics: This will make it easier for users to find health information on YouTube and give licensed channels an edge over others.

This licensing program for medical professionals started in the United States in 2021, but so far it has been a limited program available only to some organizations such as educational institutions, public health institutions, hospitals, and government agencies. did. But now, as the program becomes available to a wider range of healthcare professionals, the gap between licensed and unlicensed channels will widen.

License applicants must follow best practices set by the Council of Medical Professional Societies , the National Academy of Medicine , the World Health Organization (WHO), and their YouTube channel must be in good standing.

License applications will start on October 27, 2022 in the United States, and license applications will gradually become possible in other countries and regions in the future.

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