NVIDIA Investigating RTX 4090 Power Cable Burning Issue


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It turned out that there was a report that the next-generation GPU ' GeForce RTX 4090 ' as large as the ' Xbox Series S ' had a heat problem and the power connector melted during use. NVIDIA is investigating this issue.

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On October 24, 2022, Reddit user reggie_gakil posted an image of the power connector '12VHPWR' attached to the RTX 4090 and commented that 'the adapter was burnt.' From the image you can see that the connector and graphics card socket are melted and deformed.

Mr. reggie_gakil built a PC with air cooling and water cooling, and when a problem occurred, he played the game with the default setting of 400W without overclocking.

Furthermore, the next day, Reddit user NoDuelsPolicy reported that ``the same phenomenon occurred'' in a comment on reggie_gakil's post. I also took a picture of the melted 12VHPWR of the standard connector and shared it. In addition, NoDuelsPolicy reports that when playing the online game ``

Black Desert '', the screen suddenly turned black and all the fans began to rotate at full speed. It seems that the graphics card used was 'Asus RTX 4090 TUF Gaming - OC Edition'.

NVIDIA has adopted 12VHPWR in the 'RTX 3090 Ti', and it is installed as standard in the RTX 40 series. Although this model has significantly smaller connectors and sockets than its predecessor, it is reported that bending the cable in certain directions can put stress on it and increase the risk of heat damage. In addition, PCI-SIG, an industry group that manages the interface standard 'PCI', reported that '12VHPWR connector has a potential risk of overcurrent and overpower', so there was a problem with the connector. There is a possibility.

In addition, reggie_gakil commented , ``The connector was certainly bent, but it was not so hard.'' NoDuelsPolicy commented , ``It was slightly bent to the right, but it wasn't forcibly bent. It is not clear whether there was a problem with the cable or a problem with the installation method, but NVIDIA is aware of this problem and is 'in contact with the reporter' in an interview with the overseas media The Verge. He said.

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