Claims that 'I now have to doubt the technology that was exciting in the past'

Shannon Valois, who studies technology and AI at the University of Edinburgh, tweeted, ``Since today's technology has long focused on guiding and monitoring users, the joy I felt about new technology has gradually disappeared. It's really sad that it used to be the other way around, technology is one of the things I loved the most.' In response to Mr. Valois's tweet, economist Frisco Uplink introduced an episode and lamented, ``Now technology has become suspicious.''

I help seniors with technology issues | Hacker News

“I volunteer to help seniors with technology issues. A woman I always look after brought me a Lenovo laptop. He said he bought a notebook PC for $ 500 (about 74,000 yen), and asked, 'Why is it so slow even though I just bought it?'

“I opened the task manager and checked, and yes she said the CPU usage was at 100% all the time and the laptop was almost unusable. was running all sorts of Lenovo-branded junkware.”

'A quick Google search revealed that this condition is a common problem with these PCs. I started up the Lenovo front end and tried to fix all this... This awful Lenovo software shows an unnecessary splash screen and launches a terrible app that doesn't work at all.'

'You dig in and you see what's going on. Lenovo wants constant monitoring. They want a 'relationship' with their customers. How often does the trackpad really need a firmware update?I asked the woman for permission to remove it.'

“The problem is that this garbage program is running, and the PC itself has completely stopped. It's getting late.'

'After explaining everything to the lady, I was running out of time, so I deleted everything about the Lenovo-branded surveillance garbage app from my PC. When I rebooted, the CPU usage dropped a lot and the UI was definitely responsive. became'

“Technology is necessary for seniors to communicate with others and participate in cultural civic life,” said Uplink. and lower the experience for the elderly,” he criticized. ``Twenty years ago it was easy to get excited about technology, but now the ethics of the industry as a whole are questionable, requiring constant scrutiny and skepticism,'' he said. He argued that the lack of ethics has led to a loss of hope and admiration for technology.

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