A “synthetic party” led by AI plans to run in the election

With the goal of ``humans and algorithms coexisting more directly than they currently do'', the `` Synthesis Party'' (Det Syntetiske Parti), whose leader is AI, is aiming to win seats in Denmark's general election.

Side ikke fundet – Det Syntetiske Parti


This Danish Political Party Is Led by an AI

AI driven political party in Denmark eyes running for parliment | Metro News

Synthesis Party is a micro-political party created in May 2022 by the artist collective Computer Lars and the non-profit organization MindFuture Foundation. The party's leader is an AI chatbot called Lars, which has learned the policies of Danish minority parties since 1970, and its purpose is to represent the values of the 20% of people who abstain from voting every election. thing.

Asker Staunes, an artist and researcher at the MindFuture Foundation, told the news site Motherboard, ``The minority party (from which the data was learned) was aiming to win seats, but was unable to do so.They have a political vision that they want to realize.'' However, we were unable to do so due to funding and resource issues.'' ``When people in Denmark, as well as people all over the world, interact with AI, new perspectives and information are provided, which can then be collected as datasets.'' , you can fine-tune it, and the AI will develop in parts every time you interact with it.'

Furthermore, after studying the policies of various minority parties, some of the policies they advocate are contradictory. Regarding this point, Mr. Staunes said, ``Modern machine learning systems are not based on the biological and symbolic rules of traditional artificial intelligence. 'It's about amplifying expression, even if it's contradictory. AI may do that in interesting ways and expand our imagination of what's possible.'

New Zealand already has a virtual politician named Sam , and Russia has an AI assistant named Alisa who has been nominated as a presidential candidate, but Mr. Staunes is an AI-powered bot that allows them to talk to voters, and to provide an objective view. They point out that AI is being anthropomorphized to act as a suitable candidate, making it authoritarian.

In addition, 20,000 people's signatures are required to run in the general election to be held in November 2022, but the composite party has only gathered 11 signatures so far, so if this continues, the candidacy itself will be rejected before the election is defeated. The situation is that it is possible.

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