The 'universe' created with Minecraft is a masterpiece

A video has been released that reproduces the earth, planets of the solar system, galaxies and black holes with blocks of

the world's best-selling game 'Minecraft' and builds the original universe.

How I Built the Entire Universe in Minecraft-YouTube

A Minecraft Player Set Out to Build the Known Universe, Block by Block - The New York Times

This time, 18-year-old creator Christopher Slayton challenged the creation of the universe with Minecraft. He has previously reproduced Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' with Minecraft.

Mr. Slayton even went skydiving to see the beauty of our planet.

Furthermore, it took me three days to study mathematics again, reproduce the six continents at a perfect scale, and draw jungles, deserts, and oceans.

In addition, in space, the background is completely dark and the celestial bodies are illuminated by intense light from one direction, so we implemented a function to reproduce the way that light hits.

Comparing the size of the earth made with Minecraft and the size of the operating character, it looks like this. The size of the planet is 1/700,000 of the real thing.

Recreating the tilt of Saturn's rings required a full day of re-learning the Pythagorean theorem.

Mr. Slayton says that he made Saturn with Minecraft and felt the magnificence of Saturn again.

The sun is even bigger, the size that the earth becomes one block.

The sun is not just a sphere, but flares have been added to bring it closer to the real sun.

Recreating the solar system required a mod that could display 1000

chunks at once.

Slayton's challenges extend beyond the solar system. '

Pillars of Creation ' in the Eagle Nebula

Black Hole

number of galaxies


the large-scale structure of the universe was also created with Minecraft.

Mr. Slayton spent a total of two months, one month and 15 days to create the universe, and two weeks to produce this movie introducing it.

Mr. Slayton plans to start working as a lifeguard while enhancing the content of the YouTube channel in the future. He also said that he would like to set up a production studio in the near future and move the production location from his bedroom at home.

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