A new work 'White King' appeared from McDonald's triangular chocolate pie that celebrated its 15th anniversary, so I tried it

McDonald's classic sweet ' Triangular Chocolate Pie ' , which will celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2022, will be released on October 12, 2022 (Wednesday). ). Both are sold for a limited time, so I got them right away and tried to enjoy the crispy chocolate pie.

This year is also the season for “triangle chocolate pies”! The classic 'black' and the new product 'white king' will be available for a limited time from 10/12 (Wed.)! | McDonald's Official


So, I immediately bought two triangle chocolate pies at McDonald's.

The left is 'triangular chocolate pie black' (140 yen including tax), and the right is 'triangular chocolate pie white king white chocolate & vanilla' (160 yen including tax).

A QR code is printed on the back of the package that leads to a page with

allergen and nutritional information .

Contents is like this. The top is 'Triangle Choco Pie White King White Chocolate & Vanilla' and the bottom is 'Triangle Choco Pie Black'.

The size of the triangle chocolate pie is the same length as the length of the iPhone 12 on the long side.

'Triangular chocolate pie black' has a scent that mixes the aroma of almonds and the sweet smell of chocolate just by taking it out of the box.

Since the pie is freshly made, it is warm and warm, and the crispy pie dough, which is layered in many layers, contains oil, so your fingers will be sticky. The chocolate cream inside is rich, and the almonds, which have a stronger presence than expected, add texture and flavor.

'Triangular chocolate pie white king white chocolate & vanilla' looks like this and looks like a brown fox.

When you break the pie dough, there are two colors of cream inside, this is white chocolate cream and vanilla cream. It is said that white chocolate cream contains two kinds of nuts, macadamia nuts and almonds, but the flavor of nuts is much more modest than 'triangular chocolate pie black'. The sweetness is very rich and goes well with the crispy and juicy pie dough, but if anything, 'Triangular Chocolate Pie White King White Chocolate & Vanilla' has a sweeter taste.

In addition, since the triangular chocolate pie is sold for a limited time, please check it early if you are interested.

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