I tried using 'Pixel Watch' at the presentation site Report Summary

At Google's new product launch event held on October 6, 2022, details of Google's first genuine smart watch '

Pixel Watch ' were revealed. This product is scheduled to be released on October 13, 2022, but many overseas media who have touched the actual machine have posted reviews.

Google developed 'Watch OS' for smartwatch OS and entered the smartwatch market, but this is the first time that we have developed the hardware itself called smartwatch. PCMag says, ``Pixel Watch is positioned to face the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch head-on.''

PCMag evaluates that the Pixel Watch is rounded and some people may prefer this to the square shape of the Apple Watch. It has a diameter of 41mm and the display is an AMOLED panel with 320 pixels per inch. The gorilla glass that covers the display has a unique dome shape.

There is a crown on the right side facing the clock, and you can operate the terminal by pushing or rotating it. There are no other buttons.

The sensor module is mounted at the bottom of the watch and checks heart rate, body temperature, etc. The modules are mostly glass and have a smooth, rounded shape. PCMag said, 'It was comfortable to the touch,' but since I only wore it for a short time, I don't know about everyday use.

PCMag said, ``The Pixel Watch has a wide variety of colors and straps to choose from, and is highly customizable, so it shouldn't be difficult to find one that suits your taste. The watch's health and fitness features will convince people that it's worth upgrading from a cheap fitness tracker.'

Pixel Watch Hands On: Google's First Smartwatch Shows Promise | PCMag


9to5google evaluated that 'Pixel Watch is quite small'. Compared to the 41 mm type ' Apple Watch Series 8 (right)', it looks like this.

Pixel Watch is equipped with the same chip 'Exynos 9110' installed in the original Galaxy Watch made in 2018. In this regard, not only 9to5google but also each media are questioning, but 9to5google said, ``Despite using an old chipset, it worked without any problems. Swiping through tiles, watch faces was fast and smooth, in fact it felt a bit smoother on the Pixel Watch than on my Galaxy Watch 5. Whether this feeling lasts will be revealed over time It will be.”

At the time of article creation, Google's genuine band has five types and various corresponding colors, but even the cheapest 'active band' is 6300 yen including tax, 'not cheap at all' 9to5google. 9to5google, who tried each band, said, ``The active band is very soft and comfortable.The stretch and woven bands are more comfortable, probably for sleeping.The leather band is high quality and cool. In addition, the active band is attached from the beginning at the time of purchase. In the future, stainless steel 'metal link band' and 'metal mesh band' will also appear from Google.

Also, 9to5google has a video of how it is actually used.

Pixel Watch hands-on: time will tell...-YouTube

Pixel Watch hands-on, touring the hardware and software

According to The Verge, the Pixel Watch ``Although it didn't look so impressive in the official announcement, it's very impressive when you actually pick it up.'' The person who picked it up had an Apple Watch Ultra with a diameter of 49 mm, but the Pixel Watch with a diameter of 41 mm was clearly smaller than that. However, it is said that the resolution was sharp and easy to see.

Also, when the Pixel Watch is viewed from the front, the bezel of the display seems to stand out, but since the dome-shaped display optically makes the bezel inconspicuous, it is not so noticeable when actually used.

Pixel Watch has four body color variations, but the band can be replaced and various types are available. The Verge says that the way the band is attached is special, and it seems that it fits from the side instead of from the bottom like most smartwatches, but this seems to be the feeling when replacing the lens of the camera. The Verge says, 'It was amazing how changing the band changed the feel of the watch.'

The design is generally similar to existing smart watches, and although the curved glass display and flat side buttons are similar to the Apple Watch, it is designed to fit inside Pixel products such as Pixel Buds and Pixel 7. The Verge concludes, 'The Pixel Watch is the best wearable interface for me, having used Android Wear and almost all Wear OS products.'

Pixel Watch hands-on: Feels like a round Apple Watch - The Verge

'Google is serious about smartwatches,' said Osterloh, The Verge is concerned that Google often fails to develop its own products. Still, Osterloh said, ``I want to prove that I'm serious,'' and said that ``I want to make the health management service ``Fitbit,'' which Google acquired and incorporated into the Pixel Watch, ``the best ever.'' rice field.

Google says it's committed to the Pixel Watch — now it has to convince users - The Verge

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