I tried Domdom Hamburger ``Babita Butterfish'' with butter sauce on a super long fly

A burger ` ` Bitter Butterfish '' that sandwiched the fried Alaska pollock with butter sauce until it was stuck in the buns as it was appeared from Domdom Hamburger. I actually bought it because I was worried about how bad it was.

Bitter Butterfish | Domdom Hamburger [Official Site]


I bought 'Bitter Butterfish' for takeout. The paper bag is soaked with oil.

I took out 'Bitter butterfish'. A fly of Alaska pollack protrudes from the long thin wrapping paper.

When you remove the wrapping paper, it looks like this.

It took 50 minutes to purchase and bring it home this time, but the presence of the sauce was diluted as the sauce soaked into the clothes during that time. However, from the wrapping paper to the buns, it was sticky as a whole, and the scent of butter drifted softly, so it seems that it was not applied.

There was shredded cabbage and mayonnaise sauce between the buns and the fries. It seems that butter and mayonnaise are ridiculously calorie, but according to Domdom hamburger (PDF file) information , the calorie of `` Bitter butterfish '' was 688 kcal per piece.

The actual size of the fly was about 24 cm.

First of all, when I ate it from the fly, the salty butter oozed out after the crispy light texture of the fly. Black pepper is also applied, so you can sometimes feel a spicy stimulus. When the inside of the mouth became covered with stimulation due to saltiness and spiciness, the gentle sweetness of the buns was reached, and at the end it was tightened with a cohesive taste.

The price of 'Babita Butterfish' is 590 yen including tax, and it is on sale for a limited time at Dom Dom Hamburger nationwide.

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