The world's largest porn site Pornhub's official Instagram account is permanently banned

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Instagram has revealed that it has deleted the official account of Pornhub, the world's largest porn movie sharing site, and made it a permanent BAN. Instagram said, 'Pornhub has repeatedly violated the policy.'

Instagram Says Pornhub's Account is 'Permanently' Banned

Instagram deleted Pornhub's official Instagram account in early September 2022.

Instagram deletes official account of Pornhub - GIGAZINE

An Instagram spokesperson claims that `` Pornhub's account has violated the terms of service for 10 years, and has repeatedly warned Pornhub about posts that violate the terms.'' Instagram has not clarified which posts are specifically violated and how, but the official Pornhub account is ``Terms of use for adult content, nudity, and sexual solicitation'' and ``Guidelines for cumulative violations'' said to have conflicted with

Pornhub's official Twitter account posted an open letter to Meta and Instagram on Tuesday, September 27, 2022. The letter also contains the signatures of 63 pornographic photographers, performers, models, and various industry groups, stating, 'We and those who are signing this open letter have long supported Instagram's opaque and discriminatory practices. It's the adult industry that's been hurt by hypocritical policies: Sex workers and performers have been banned, suspended, or denied live rights despite taking great care not to violate Instagram's community guidelines. It has been unfairly targeted in the form of loss, content removal,' said Pornhub.

Pornhub said, 'My Pornhub account will be inactive for 3 weeks. During that time, (global influencer) Kim Kardashian will be fully committed to her 330 million followers without any restrictions from Instagram. Posting a bare butt, wondering why we are being denied the same treatment.A member of the adult community while Kim's photos continue to attract likes and make headlines. risks being banned from the platform if Instagram determines that pants look a little tight under arbitrary and selectively enforced standards.'

A spokesperson for Pornhub said, ``As has happened many times in the past, the ban is temporary,'' but an Instagram spokesperson told Motherboard, an IT news site, ``Pornhub is We have permanently banned your Instagram account for repeatedly violating our policies.'

Motherboard requested a comment from Pornhub, but it seems that no reply was received at the time of writing the article.

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