I took out and ate three kinds of burgers at Kua Aina, such as 'Smoked Monterey Jack Cheese Bacon Burger', which enhances the umami of beef with exquisite cheese, and 'Avocado Monterey Jack Cheese Burger', which is super rich with plenty of avocado.

' Smoked Monterey Jack Cheese Bacon Burger ' where you can enjoy cheese '

Monterey Jack ' smoked with cherry chips with 100% beef patty, and ' Avocado Monterey Jack Cheese Burger ' with plenty of avocado added to patty & Monterey Jack cheese will be released in 2022. It will be sold at Kua Aina from September 21 (Wednesday). In addition, the burger `` Thick-sliced Colby-Jack cheeseburger '' with `` Colby-Jack '' that appeared in 2019 was also re-appearing, so I bought all three types and tried to see what it tasted like.

Kua Aina ☆Jack Burger Fair☆ Now being held! !

Arrive at Kua Aina.

At the entrance, three types of hamburgers are appealing.

This time, I ordered two each of 'Smoked Monterey Jack Cheese Bacon Burger', 'Avocado Monterey Jack Cheese Burger' and 'Thick Cut Colby Jack Cheese Burger' and brought them home. In Kua Aina, you can choose from three types of buns: 'Kaiser Roll', 'Brioche' and 'Whole Grain', but this time select 'Kaiser Roll'. I ordered a total of 6 hamburgers and it took about 19 minutes to serve.

◆ Smoked Monterey Jack Cheese Bacon Burger
First of all, I will eat from 'Smoked Monterey Jack Cheese Bacon Burger'. When you flip the side of the package ... ...

A hamburger in wrapping paper appeared.

When opening the wrapping paper it looks like this.

I put the wrapping paper on the plate. A white Monterey Jack is on top of the patty and bacon is on top of it.

When the buns were removed, white sauce was painted on the back of the buns.

Tomatoes, onions, bacon, Monterey Jack and patties are sandwiched under the lettuce.

I tried to grab it by hand and eat it, but it was too big to fit in my mouth...

I decided to cut it up with a knife and fork. When you put it in your mouth, you will feel the smoky cheese flavor first, followed by the rich beef flavor that spreads throughout your mouth. Bacon has a crisp texture and is a soft hamburger accent. I can feel the taste of smoked cheese and bacon firmly, but the flavor of 100% beef patty is very rich, and cheese and bacon played a role in enhancing the taste of patty.

Avocado Monterey Jack Cheeseburger
Next, I will eat 'Avocado Monterey Jack Cheese Burger'.

When you put it on a plate and open the wrapping paper, it looks like this.

A large amount of avocado protrudes from the buns.

When I checked the contents, Monterey Jack was on top of the patty and plenty of avocado was on top of it.

When you eat it, the avocado is very soft, and the mellow and rich umami of the avocado spreads throughout your mouth along with the beef flavor of the patty. It has a richer taste than 'Smoked Monterey Jack Cheese Bacon Burger' because it contains rich avocado. Even though it has a rich flavor, the lettuce and tomato give it a refreshing aftertaste. It is recommended to choose 'Avocado Monterey Jack Cheese Burger' when you are hungry.

Thick-sliced Colby Jack cheeseburger
Finally, I will eat 'thick cut Corby Jack cheeseburger'.

'Thick cut Colby Jack cheeseburger' looks like this.

On top of Patty is '

Colby Jack Cheese ' which is a mixture of Monterey Jack and Colby cheese .

When cut and eaten, Colby Jack cheese is sweeter and less sour than Monterey Jack in the other two burgers. Also, since there is no sense of smoke, it was finished as a royal road cheeseburger that even small children can eat without discomfort.

The prices of the three types of burgers are 1380 yen including tax for 'Smoked Monterey Jack Cheese Bacon Burger', 1330 yen including tax for 'Avocado Monterey Jack Cheese Burger', and 1180 yen including tax for 'Thick Sliced Colby Jack Cheese Burger'. It can be eaten at Kua Aina nationwide for a limited time from September 21, 2022 (Wednesday).

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