``Baked sweet potato brulee frappuccino'' tasting review where crispy sweet potato became Starbucks Frappuccino

On September 21, 2022 (Wednesday), `` Baked Potato Brulee Frappuccino '' appeared on the Starbucks menu, where you can enjoy the aroma and creamy flavor of baked sweet potatoes sprinkled with sugar and roasted with a burner. A new Frappuccino made by blending caramel-flavored baked potato chunks with milk, adding fragrant baked potato brulee sauce and crispy brulee chips. I tried to enjoy the taste of autumn immediately.

[New Product Information] Sweet Potato Brulee Frappuccino® | Starbucks Coffee Japan


Arrived at Starbucks.

The appearance of limited-time drinks is appealing in the store.

I immediately ordered 'Yakiimo Brulee Frappuccino'. Tall size only.

The drink is a combination of sweet potato brulee sauce and brulee chips based on ice and milk.

Whipped cream is also topped with sweet potato brulee sauce and brulee chips.

The drink also contains roasted sweet potato chunks, and when you drink it, the creamy flavor of milk and the elegant and rich sweetness of roasted sweet potato spread. Combined with the brulee chip that has a crisp texture, it was finished in a dish that seems to confuse the brain, saying, ``The reproducibility of sweet potato brulee is high, even though it is a cool Frappuccino.''

'Yakiimo Brulee Frappuccino' can be ordered at Starbucks nationwide except for some stores, and the price is 680 yen including tax.

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