The Document Foundation to sell a paid version of the free office suite 'LibreOffice' on the Mac App Store

One of the office suites that summarizes word processing software, spreadsheet software, presentation software, etc. Open source software 'LibreOfficeWe announced that The Document Foundation will provide it on the Mac App Store. 'LibreOffice' is basically free software, but the one offered on the Mac App Store is a paid version of $ 8.99 (about 1300 yen).

The Document Foundation releases LibreOffice on Apple's Mac App Store - The Document Foundation Blog

Document Foundation charges €8.99 for macOS LibreOffice • The Register

'LibreOffice' has been provided by Collabora on the Mac App Store so far. will be offered in

Collabora was priced at $ 10 (about 1400 yen) with 3 years of support, but The Document Foundation is $ 8.99 (about 1300 yen).

LibreOffice distributed on the Mac App Store is based on the same source code as the macOS version, but Java is excluded from the package because the App Store does not allow external dependencies. This limits the functionality of LibreOffice Base.

According to Italo Vignoli, head of marketing at The Document Foundation, choose the Enterprise version, which is fully professionally supported and optimized for production deployments, over the community version, which is supported by volunteers. It is said that it is a measure aimed at educating the organization to support FOSS by getting it.

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