Project ``The Follower'' to identify ``people posing for Instagram shooting'' with AI from surveillance camera images

Applications such as Instagram and TikTok have appeared that allow anyone to easily take and upload impressive photos and videos, and the appearance of people holding their smartphones with attractive sightseeing spots and food is becoming a daily sight. Dries Depoorter, an artist based in Belgium, is working on ' The Follower ,' a project that uses AI to analyze open-access surveillance camera footage and find Instagram users who pose for Instagram photos on street corners. increase.

The Follower – Dries Depoorter

Artist Uses AI Surveillance Cameras to Identify Influencers Posing for Instagram

You can see what it is like by watching the following movie posted on Instagram.

The left side of the screen is the Instagram photo actually posted, and the right side is the image of the surveillance camera. A man wearing a blue hoodie and a man wearing a white T-shirt are walking, and a person carrying a black rucksack is shooting with a camera.

Photo of a couple kissing in front of a store. Surveillance camera footage shows a couple wearing the same clothes, shoulder to shoulder.

Then kiss like in the picture.

AI recognizes the Brazilian flag in an Instagram photo of a man unfolding the Brazilian flag in New York's Times Square Garden. And among the people that AI recognizes in the surveillance camera footage, a man wearing red clothes has a Brazilian flag.

A man wears the Brazilian flag on his shoulder and poses as shown in the photo. A man wearing a light blue polo shirt is shooting the situation from a low angle with something like a smartphone.

According to Depoorter, the Instagram account being analyzed is for Instagramers with more than 100,000 followers. Then, after recording the video of the open access surveillance camera for several weeks, scraping all the Instagram photos taken at the place where the surveillance camera was installed, AI compared the photo and the surveillance camera image.

The movie posted on Instagram as a result of The Follower was created after 10 days of analysis and was also uploaded to YouTube, but at the point of article creation, the video was not disclosed due to an application from the surveillance camera service side. I'm here.

Depoorter told the IT news site Motherboard, ``If you check all my works, you will see that I am showing the dangers of new technology. I want to reach people.I don't really like difficult art.I like simplicity.I consider myself part of a new generation of artists working with technology.' I am commenting.

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