The slow motion video of shooting a 9mm bullet hit with a tiny bullet and shooting a pileup is a masterpiece

The Slow Mo Guys , who has taken slow motion shots of shocking moments such as the moment a bullet penetrates the glass or the moment an airbag explodes with a hyper-speed camera, has newly added `` Shoot a very small bullet of a micro-sized gun and shoot 9 mm We are releasing a slow motion movie of the challenge of 'shooting bullets'.

Can a 2 Inch Gun Fire a 1 Inch Bullet?-300,000FPS-The Slow Mo Guys-YouTube

Below are the ultra-small guns prepared by The Slow Mo Guys. It is a size that can be pinched with a finger and can fire extremely small size bullets.

In this challenge, you hit a 9mm bullet with a micro-bullet fired from an ultra-compact gun, and fire the 9mm bullet on impact.

Before doing the challenge, have a quick understanding of the structure of the 9mm bullet. When disassembling the 9mm bullet ......

Gunpowder will come out.

A part called a 'detonator' is attached to the base of the 9mm bullet, and when the firing pin of the gun hits the detonator, a spark is generated and the gunpowder is ignited. In other words, 9mm bullets can be fired even if the detonator is impacted by a method other than the firing pin.

Start shooting by fixing a small gun and a 9mm bullet with a vise. A string is attached to the small gun, and you can fire a small bullet by pulling the string.

A slow motion image shot at 80,000 frames per second looks like this. When you shoot a tiny bullet ......

A tiny bullet hit the back of a 9mm bullet. However, the gunpowder just blew out from the rear of the 9mm bullet, and the 9mm bullet could not be fired.

The Slow Mo Guys speculate that the cause of the challenge failure was that the detonator was too strong and the detonator broke before the spark appeared.

After that, as a result of trying multiple times, I succeeded in firing a 9mm bullet with a very small bullet. Below is the result of shooting at 300,000 fps per second when the challenge was successful. Fire a tiny bullet from a small gun ... ...

Fire erupted from the detonator when the tiny bullet hit the rear of the 9mm bullet.

Then, the 9mm bullet split into two and flew forward. However, the gunpowder did not ignite and it cannot be said that the challenge was completely successful.

This time, I will try using '

.22 long rifle bullet ' instead of 9mm bullet.

When a tiny bullet hits the rear of the rifle bullet ......

Fire erupted from inside the rifle bullet.

And the warhead was fired forward with great force.

In the movie published by The Slow Mo Guys, you can see the moment when the tiny bullet collides with the detonator with a macro lens, so please play it if you are interested.

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