Actual state of an ultra-thin ATM skimmer used in combination with a pinhole camera

A skimmer, a device that reads information recorded on cash cards and the like, has been found at many ATMs in and around New York City. Security blog Krebs on Security does a detailed check using an actual salvaged skimmer.

Say Hello to Crazy Thin 'Deep Insert' ATM Skimmers – Krebs on Security

This is the skimmer found in New York City. It is an ultra-thin type designed to fit inside the card slot of an ATM, with a thickness of 0.68mm, which is less than half the thickness of a one-yen coin. The yellow rectangle with numbers visible at the bottom right of the main unit is the battery. Thanks to this thinness, it seems that there is almost no obstacle to the operation of ATM.

This skimmer is used in combination with a pinhole camera that reads the PIN code that the user types into the machine. In one case discovered by an investigator, a pinhole camera was hidden behind the panel as follows ...

It seems that it was covered from above on the side panel of the ATM. You can see that it is elaborately made to look like the real thing.

Besides this, the pinhole camera is attached to the ceiling part of the ATM ......

It seems that it was sometimes attached to the mirror for the user to check the back.

ATM manufacturers are also aware of the existence of the above-mentioned skimmers, and strategies to detect abnormalities by identifying the position of the card inserted in the ATM, and inserting a skimmer by installing a camera inside the card reader and recognizing images We are taking measures such as a strategy to detect In addition, new ATMs have been replaced with contactless ones, so they are not damaged by traditional skimmers.

Krebs on Security said, 'As long as more companies continue to print numbers on their cards, skimmers will continue to get smaller and more stealthy. Chip-based payment cards that cannot be tampered with or duplicated for years was developed, it may seem silly to undermine this progress in the name of backwards compatibility, but America still relies on reading customers' cards. There are so many small and medium-sized enterprises that are

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