Steven Spielberg's latest work also released his own semi-autobiographical movie 'The Fabelmans' trailer

A trailer for the movie `` The Fabelmans '', the latest work by director

Steven Spielberg, who has released numerous popular works such as `` Jaws '', `` Indiana Jones '', `` ET '', and `` Jurassic Park '' has been released. 'The Fabelmans' is said to be a semi-autobiographical content based on Spielberg's childhood episode.

The Fabelmans | Official Trailer [HD]-YouTube

The trailer starts with a boy, Sammy, who is handed a camera by his mother.

Locomotive Model Approaching

Take a picture of this ......

Holding a screening in the palm of your hand. A narration, ``Movies are dreams.

The mother came to the room whether the noise was leaking.

Then, the two of them watched the film Sammy shot.

'Lighting changes the way everything looks. It's hard to find a home.' Narration

A boy Sammy who says 'My house is a dark house without lighting'

The family enjoys spending time at home. In the center is the figure of a mother playing the piano.

'At home, it's the scientist vs. the artist.'

``Sammy is a member of my team and looks like me,'' his mother tells Sammy, who is excited about the movie.

A friend who tells Sammy, who has become a young man over time, 'What kind of movie should we make?'

That girl you care about also appears

Sammy has been shooting various things with a camera since childhood.

In addition to recording the daily life of the family ......

You can also see how children can come up with ideas.

'You deny that what Sammy does is playful and imaginative. You can afford to encourage a little,' the opposing mother and father said.

However, in the next scene, you can see the father applauding generously when he sees the movie that Sammy must have shot.

'She should have been a concert piano player. What she has in her heart is what you have.'

In response to his father's words, 'You have to cherish it, not just love it.

A rebellious young man, Sammy, asks, 'Can you stop calling it a hobby?'

'Mommy got a monkey!'

'Why did you keep a monkey?'

Sammy continues to make movies

'I get nothing but rude words from my mother!' 'I am your mother!'

'Family, art, life! These will cut you in half.'

I found a bagel with '

JEWHOLE ' written in the school locker ... ...

hit someone

'Stop making movies. It's going to break your mother's heart.'

'I don't know what to do anymore'

'Go with your heart'

'The Fabelmans'

The script is written by Steven Spielberg and

Tony Kushner , and directed by Spielberg.

In the United States, screening will start on November 11, 2022, but the timing of screening in Japan is undecided.

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