Google announces a new function to improve Android's file sharing function 'Nearby Share' and 'Sound detection notification' that informs the ringing sound

On September 8, 2022, local time, Google improved the file sharing function ``

Nearby Share '' provided by Android, the OS for smartphones, and the `` sound detection notification '' that informs you of the sounds you hear around you. announced a new feature to

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Nearby Share is now available even when the screen is off
Nearby Share is a file-sharing feature similar to competing iOS AirDrop that lets you share photos and videos with nearby Android smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, and more. Newly, file sharing between devices logged into the same Google account has been improved, and an option has been added to allow files to be sent even when the screen of the receiving device is off. The update will roll out in the coming weeks and will be available for devices running Android 6 and above.

◆ A function to easily decorate messages with pictograms has appeared
In recent years, the use of pictograms in messages has become commonplace, and it is sometimes said that emojis are easier to convey emotions than letters. It was announced that a new 'button to decorate messages with pictograms with one tap' will be added to the keyboard application

Gboard .

Usually, if you want to add emojis to your messages, you add emojis manually.

However, when you press the newly added 'Emojify' button, it will automatically decorate the message with pictograms.

By tapping repeatedly, the decoration layout will change, so you can confirm that the layout is the one you like and send it. This feature is only compatible with English Gboard at the time of writing, and will be rolled out to English Gboard users in the coming weeks.

◆ Custom alerts can be set with sound detection notifications
Use accessibility tools for sound alerts and audio descriptions-YouTube

Sound-activated notifications for Android is an accessibility feature developed in partnership with the deaf community.

The sound of the intercom ringing ......

baby crying

It detects various sounds such as the alarm sound of an emergency vehicle and notifies you with push notifications, lights, vibrations, etc. on your smartphone or smart watch.

A new function to set 'custom sound' for sound detection notification will be added. For example, if you want to register a new 'sound of a microwave oven', record that sound ...

It is possible to register together with text such as 'My kitchen microwave'.

Sound detection notifications are useful not only for people with hearing impairments, but also for people wearing noise-cancelling headphones.

◆ Bitmoji can be displayed on Wear OS

Wear OS , an OS for smart watches developed by Google, can now display avatars created using Bitmoji , a personal avatar creation application. If you install the dedicated application ' Bitmoji for Wear OS ' and send the designed Bitmoji to the smart watch, your avatar will be displayed on the screen.

The avatar will change depending on the time of day, weather and physical activity.

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