A situation occurs in which the set temperature of the air conditioner is remotely locked by the manufacturer on a hot day

In the summer of 2022,

the heat of over 40 degrees was observed in Europe, and Japan also recorded the highest temperature in Thailand since the start of statistics , making it a record heat wave all over the world. In such a heat wave, in the state of Colorado in the United States, a situation occurred in which the temperature setting of the air conditioner could not be changed forcibly due to the 'energy emergency'.

Thousands of Xcel customers locked out of thermostats during 'energy emergency'

The air conditioning system, which made it impossible to change the temperature setting, is provided by energy company Xcel Energy , and it is reported that 22,000 users were affected. According to Tony Tallarico, one of the affected users, on August 30, 2022, when the temperature rose to 32 degrees Celsius, he tried to lower the temperature setting of the air conditioner, 'due to an energy emergency, The temperature setting is locked' is displayed, and it is said that the temperature change has become impossible. ``If you see a similar warning, you can usually ignore it,'' Talarico said. says.

Xcel Energy said the temperature change lock was implemented for participants in the AC Rewards Smart Thermostat Program , a rewards program offered by Xcel Energy. The AC Rewards Smart Thermostat Program allows Xcel Energy to adjust the air conditioner settings of program participants during peak power demand, in exchange for $100 (about 14,000 yen) at the time of initial registration, per participation in the program It is a program that can earn a reward of $ 25 (about 3500 yen).

According to Xcel Energy, this is the first time in six years since the launch of the AC Rewards Smart Thermostat Program that temperature changes have been disabled. In addition, it is said that multiple factors such as ``unexpected power outages'', ``hot weather'', and ``increased use of air conditioners'' are involved in disabling temperature changes. Mr. Talarico, who experienced the sudden disabling of air conditioner temperature changes, said, ``Even if it is rare, it is unacceptable to be unable to control your own air conditioner installed in your own home,'' Xcel Energy's response is blaming.

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