Twitter to release long-awaited ``tweet editing'' function for paid subscription users

Twitter has announced that it has begun testing its Tweet editing feature. The Tweet editing feature is being tested by Twitter's internal development team and will be available to users of

Twitter Blue , Twitter's paid subscription service, in the coming weeks.

This is a test of Twitter's new Edit Tweet feature.

The basics of Twitter is to post a tweet within the character limit of 140 full-width characters, but this tweet could not be edited. Therefore, Twitter users have been waiting for the appearance of the 'tweet editing' function to add typos and forgotten tags, but this tweet editing function has finally reached the stage of being tested internally. It has become clear that

The Tweet editing feature, which is in the testing phase, will allow you to edit your Tweets several times for 30 minutes after you tweet. Edited tweets are displayed with an icon, timestamp, and label, so viewers can see that the original tweet has been edited. Also, by clicking the label associated with the tweet, the viewer can check the edit history of the tweet or check the tweet before editing.

Twitter said, 'Time limits' and 'edit history' play an important role in the Tweet editing feature. ' explained.

The actually edited tweet is displayed as follows, and 'Last edited' (final editing timing) is written at the bottom of the tweet, so that you can see that it is an edited tweet.

The Tweet editing feature is being tested with a small group, for which Twitter notes, ``This includes ways that users may misuse the feature.''

Tweet editing will be expanded to Twitter Blue users in late September 2022. The tweet editing function will first be localized in one country, where we will learn how people edit tweets and expand the service to other countries while observing the situation. We will also pay close attention to how the Tweet editing feature affects how users view, edit, and engage with their tweets.

On the other hand, some experts warn that the tweet editing function may lead to the spread of misinformation. Rachel Toback, CEO of Social Proof Security, said: 'If someone tweets, 'These two celebrities just started dating,' and it goes viral, 15 to 20 minutes later, you're likely to get involved in a cryptocurrency or phishing scam. There is a possibility that the tweet will be edited to include a link that is not valid,' he warned. Tracy Chow, an online harassment expert at Block Party, an emerging tech company, said that by linking labels and editing histories to the tweet editing function, there is a possibility that tweets will be edited maliciously after they become popular. It is pointed out that it leads to the reduction of Also, regarding the fact that only paid service users can use the tweet editing function first, he said, ``It is good to first limit the function only to users who really need it.''

Twitter tests edit button as experts warn it could be misused - The Washington Post

Also, when The Washington Post confirmed with a Twitter spokesperson, the tweet editing function not only allows you to edit the text, but also changes the attached images and videos, and adds new images and videos. That's right.

In addition, when Elon Mask voted on Twitter about the presence or absence of a tweet editing function, 4.4 million votes were cast, and 73.6% answered 'yes' (I want a tweet editing function).

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