Where will it burst when the stretchable doll 'Stretch Armstrong' is filled with water?


Stretch Armstrong ' is a latex doll stuffed with a gel-like substance, and is characterized by its ability to return to its original shape without being torn off no matter how much the arm or leg is stretched. Nonetheless, assuming that there should be a limit to its durability, The Slow Mo Guys , who has sent out a number of interesting slow motion images to the world, conducted an experiment to connect a hose to a doll and pour water into it to burst it. .

All Stretch Armstrongs Have the Same Weakness at 2000FPS-The Slow Mo Guys-YouTube

Gavin Free (Gav) and Daniel Grouchy (Dan) of The Slo Mo Guys.

The theme of the two people this time is 'Stretch Armstrong' where the arms and legs stretch like this.

The prepared camera is capable of shooting at 2000 FPS.

Cut the tip of the arm to inject water.

It was gel that was clogged in Armstrong's body. Mr. Dan who touched seemed to regret 'Wow ...'.

I regained my composure, thrust the hose into Armstrong's arm, and fixed it with a binding band so that it would not come off.

You're all set.

The second challenge after overcoming the problem of air entering. There is a little air in the stomach this time, but it is pouring water steadily.

Mr. Dan arranges Armstrong's posture so that water enters evenly.

Looking at the swollen Armstrong, Mr. Dan said, 'Where do you think it will break?' The reason is that 'the weak point of men is the root of the crotch'.

Armstrong who became bread bread.

It cracked in no time, and the water inside overflowed.

Armstrong has returned to its original size.

There is still gel left.

Checking the video taken in slow motion.

Then, as Mr. Gav expected, Armstrong was cracked around the crotch.


This time Mr. Dan challenges with a style that holds Armstrong.

Broken Armstrong.

When I checked in slow motion, the crotch part was cracked first again this time.

Two people checking the material they shot.

Then, just before it broke, I found that Armstrong was leaking water from his crotch as if he was peeing.

The two conducted the third verification.

I found out that it breaks from the crotch area, so there is a zoomed image of the crotch. When it reaches a certain point, water will spout out from near Armstrong's crotch.

Gradually, the amount of water increases, and the hole from which the water comes out spreads.

The next moment, Armstrong split sideways from the hole.

At the end, put Armstrong's arm on your finger and touch it.

Please check out the video to see how the two are happy when they discover Armstrong's water leak.

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