Ukraine uses wooden decoys to waste Russia's expensive missiles


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Six months later, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which began in February 2022, continues, with implications not only bilaterally but globally. The Washington Post reports that Ukraine has used wooden decoys to defuse some of Russia's long-range cruise missiles.

Ukraine tricks Russia into wasting bombs to destroy decoy 'artillery' - The Washington Post

According to a senior Ukrainian government official, the Ukrainian military has created a decoy of the high-mobility rocket artillery system '

HIMARS ' provided by the United States and succeeded in attracting at least 10 cruise missiles. Although the decoys are made of wood, they are said to be indistinguishable from the real thing when viewed through an unmanned aerial vehicle reconnaissance over Ukraine.

According to US defense officials, Russia's stockpile of precision-guided missiles is low, and US chip export restrictions make it difficult to replenish ammunition. The use of decoys seems to have two advantages: letting Russia waste its missiles and depleting ammunition, and pulling the Russian front back out of range of HIMARS.

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The United States has provided 16 HIMARS since the start of the war, and it is said that it 'changed the war situation' by giving Ukraine the ability to aim at a distance of 80 km. Russia has repeatedly reported the destruction of HIMARS, but the US Defense Minister has argued that ``All HIMARS provided by the US have been confirmed to exist.''

``The previously unreported use of rocket system decoys is one of asymmetric tactics to counter a larger and more equipped enemy,'' said the Washington Post. In addition to the decoy tactics this time, Ukraine is said to have operatives blowing up railways, electric wires, and weapons depots in Russian occupied territories, assassinating people who are believed to be collaborators. Ukrainian officials were quoted as saying that 'our army had to resort to unconventional tactics to counter a larger enemy.'

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