Headline news for August 31, 2022

The PV of `` Detective Conan Criminal Hanzawa-san '', which is an official spin-off work of `` Detective Conan '' and will start broadcasting from October 3, 2022 (Monday), has been released.

'Detective Conan Criminal Mr. Hanzawa' Book PV - YouTube

The broadcast will be on TOKYO MX from 25:05 to 25:15 on Monday, October 3, on Yomiuri TV from 25:59 to 26:9 on Monday, October 3, and on BS Nippon Television on October 4 ( Tue) 24:30-24:40. Distribution will be exclusive worldwide distribution on Netflix from October 4th (Tuesday).

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Google improves the performance of ``AI model that converts low-resolution images of Gabigabi to high-resolution images'', to a level that humans cannot distinguish-GIGAZINE

Arm's Chinese joint venture declares independence from Arm, preempts some licenses and customers in the Chinese market as they are - GIGAZINE

I tried using the devil's seasoning ``garlic back fat'' that can make any dish garlic-GIGAZINE

A report that a female octopus hit a shellfish against a male seeking mating and chased it away - GIGAZINE

What is the difference between nuclear submarines and air independent propulsion (AIP) submarines? -GIGAZINE

Japan ranked first in an experiment comparing ``whether or not you care about strangers'' in 31 countries - GIGAZINE

A rule to ``prohibit online games for more than 3 hours a week'' has appeared, and games are only allowed for 1 hour x 3 days a day-GIGAZINE

An unknown ``world's northernmost island'' is newly discovered - GIGAZINE

Volunteers create a Google Maps-based MOD that makes ``lacking realism'' Microsoft Flight Simulator more elaborate - GIGAZINE

How much time and money do you need to travel 17,000 km from Portugal to Vietnam by rail alone? -GIGAZINE

It turns out that microorganisms can survive for a long time even in outer space, is it a powerful basis for the theory that ``life came from outer space''-GIGAZINE

What is the legendary CEO who lost about 200 billion yen in just one word? -GIGAZINE

How did Alexander the Great, who created a vast empire, die? -GIGAZINE

Teenagers who use Instagram to ``earn money'' are increasing - GIGAZINE

Driving slowly in the overtaking lane of a highway is more harmful than speeding - GIGAZINE

Funassyi finally held the Budokan live ``Pear Festival'', a complete version of the surrounding coverage conducted before the performance and a summary of the situation around the venue - GIGAZINE

List of new animations starting in the fall of 2013 - GIGAZINE

◆ Topics (memos, etc.)

◆ Science (Science, Academics, Technology)
Babies practice crying months before they are born, marmoset | National Geographic Japan version site

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
``I can't work in the same party'' I don't hesitate to recommend leaving the party to lawmakers who have no relationship with the former Unification Church Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General Motegi | TBS NEWS DIG

Disconnection from the former Unification Church `` If you can't protect it, you will also leave the party '' Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General Motegi | Mainichi Shimbun

Invasion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a fake parliamentary badge “I wanted to feel like a great person” | NHK | Case

Yamagata Imoni party does not call for self-restraint Governor ``Low risk outdoors'' | Kyodo News

Liberal Democrat policy decision not to have any relationship including related groups of the former Unification Church | NHK | Old Unification Church

Prime Minister Kishida explains Mr. Abe's national funeral at the Diet ``I take criticism seriously'' [national funeral]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Former Prime Minister Abe's state funeral, conspicuous special treatment As a ``national ceremony'' of the Cabinet Office establishment law, the first other than the Emperor's national affairs: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Lockdown in Shenzhen, China, world's largest electric town - CNN.co.jp

Elementary school students ``I'm not afraid to die'' Russia radicalizes patriotic education from the new semester [Ukraine situation]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Russian government gas company suspends natural gas supply to Germany from today | NHK | Ukraine situation

City executives' attendance at events related to the former Unification Church is requested by the Liberal Democratic Party Council.

No supermarket or post office The harsh reality of Futaba Town ``I have never met anyone other than a worker on a walk'': Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Utoro Arson 'Hateful Korea' Neglect Defendant Created by Society Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison Overcome Consciousness of Exclusion in Society as a Whole: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Fire at Police Academy Spontaneous combustion from waxed rags? why? | Kumamoto News | RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting

Refusal to board wheelchair users Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism suspends Kawasaki City Bus Office for 30 days | Mainichi Shimbun

Medical insurance at the time of corona infection, to reduce the payment of hospitalization benefits Life Insurance Association [new coronavirus]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

During the mayoral election, to the gathering of the former Unification Church Mayor of West Tokyo ``I have not asked for support'': Asahi Shimbun Digital

[Breaking news] Nippon Restoration Association Matsui former representative 'Thinking about becoming an advisor' Asked by new representative Baba | MBS News

◆ Lifestyle (life, lifestyle, health)

11 A memo on the budget of the wedding hall that went around the venue ``Be sure to check the volume of the meal, and the price of the dress varies depending on the venue''-Togetter

◆ IT/gadgets (net/software/hardware/mobile)
To abolish administrative procedures for floppy submission Taro Kono Digital Minister: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

BigQuery Security Measures Procedure - Kazaneya TechBlog

Circle tweets can be used with togetter-Togetter

◆ Anime, games, manga (subculture)
'Cyberpunk: Edgerunners' Trailer-Netflix-YouTube

'Dead by Daylight' Resident Evil ™: Project W Official Trailer-YouTube

'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II' campaign early access - YouTube

Risk and return - YouTube

◆ Sports, entertainment, music, movies (entertainment)
Suffering from slanderous reports and winning the lawsuit-- Tomoko Nakajima talks about 'Until I regain my smile after moving to Beppu' (Yahoo! News original feature)

◆ New products (clothing, food, housing)
``MOW Earl Gray Milk Tea'' New release from Monday, September 5 | News Release | Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.

'Greek Yogurt with Parteno Orange Sauce' New release nationwide from Tuesday, September 13 | News Release | Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.

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