I've been eating 'Big Chicken Fillet' where you can taste chicken full of mouth & 'Big Chicken Fillet Deluxe' with plenty of vegetables at Burger King

As new Burger King products, `` Big Chicken Fillet '' and `` Big Chicken Fillet Deluxe '' using a huge chicken breast piece of chicken patty that protrudes from the buns appeared on Friday, August 26, 2022. So I went to eat at once.

A new proposal from Burger King to deliver with full satisfaction! Newly developed chicken patties using a single piece of giant chicken breast protrude from the buns 'Big Chicken Fillet' and 'Big Chicken Fillet Deluxe' are now on sale!


I came to Burger King.

The aim is Kore, 'Big Chicken Fillet' and 'Big Chicken Fillet Deluxe'. ``Both the taste and the size are beyond the K store.'' The claim that it exceeds the ``

K store '' rather than the `` K point ''.

Two burgers were ready in about 15 minutes from the order. Burger King's hamburgers (wappers) are all big, but I feel that the area that occupies the tray is especially big.

It looks like this when taken out of the wrapping paper. The biggest feature is the chicken fillet that protrudes from both ends of the huge patty. When viewed from above, the two burgers look exactly alike.

However, when viewed from an angle, you can see that the contents of the sandwiched ingredients are completely different.

First of all, when you flip the 'Big Chicken Fillet' buns, the chicken fillet with mayonnaise sits down. The accent is just pickles, and it's as simple as it gets.

When you eat it, you can fully enjoy the taste of chicken fillet and the crispy texture. The slightly mellow taste of mayonnaise is accented with sour pickles, but basically it is an image of devouring chicken. It is also convinced that he insists on going beyond the K store.

On the other hand, 'Big chicken fillet deluxe' has lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced onion etc. on chicken fillet, certainly deluxe.

The crunchy texture of lettuce and onions, the sweetness and sourness of tomatoes, and the addition of mustard and ketchup make this a hamburger where you can eat plenty of vegetables.

The two items seem to differ only in the presence or absence of vegetable toppings, but when you try them, you will feel that the tastes and eating experiences you are aiming for are different in the first place. People who love chicken and want to push the taste of chicken to the front anyway, 'Big chicken fillet', 'I want to eat vegetables moderately', 'Isn't it monotonous to be pushed only by the taste of chicken ...?' People recommend 'Big Chicken Fillet Deluxe'.

'Big chicken fillet' is 590 yen including tax, and 'Big chicken fillet deluxe' is 690 yen including tax.

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