McDonald's ``Hojicha Frappe'' and ``Macaron Hojicha'' tasting review finished in elegant sweets with the aroma and astringency of Hojicha

' Hojicha Frappe ', which appeared in 2020 and gained popularity, and the new flavor of the macaron series, ' Macaron Hojicha ', will be available on August 24, 2022 at the McDonald's '

McCafé by Barista ' store, where you can enjoy authentic coffee. Appears for a limited time from Wednesday (Wednesday). All of them are said to be tea sweets where you can enjoy the aroma of hojicha, so I actually ate it to see what kind of taste it was.

Hojicha-flavored tea sweets will be available for a limited time from 8/24 (Wednesday) to color autumn! Also the standard matcha! | McDonald's Official

Classy taste! 'Macaron Hojicha' will be available for a limited time from 8/24 (Wed.)! | McDonald's Official

Arrived at McDonald's with McCafé by Barista.

I immediately ordered 'Hojicha Frappe (490 yen including tax)' and 'Macaron Hojicha (170 yen including tax)'. 'Hojicha frappe' can only be selected for M size.

Comparing the size of 'Hojicha Frappe' with iPhone 13, it looks like this.

It is based on Hojicha powder and milk frappe that is 100% domestic ... ...

Whipped cream and roasted tea powder are topped on the top.

As soon as you scoop the whipped cream on the top and eat it, the cream is fluffy and you can feel the milky feeling, and the scent of hojicha spreads in your mouth.

The frappe has a fairly firm sweetness, but the fragrant and astringent hojicha flavor adds a nice accent, making it an elegant and easy-to-drink frappe.

'Macaron Hojicha' is a macaron sandwiched with Hojicha cream.

A cute illustration of a rabbit was drawn with syrup on the plate provided at the store.

When you eat it, you can enjoy the sweetness and aroma of Hojicha cream, along with the crispy texture on the surface and the slightly moist and soft texture on the inside.

'Hojicha Frappe (490 yen including tax)' and 'Macaron Hojicha (170 yen including tax)' will be available at McCafé by Barista McDonald's stores from Wednesday, August 24, 2022.

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