A woman who propagated 'Nier Automata' to more than 20 men who met with a matching application became a topic


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' NieR: Automata ' is an action RPG that has become popular for its dark world and attractive characters, and has sold over 6 million copies worldwide. A woman who loves this 'Nier Automata' so much that he spreads 'Nier Automata' to men he met on the dating app Tinder has become a hot topic.

She Convinced Tinder Men To Buy NieR:Automata Then Ghosted Them

Jenny, who used to preach Nier Automata on a dating site, said, 'I used to make men I found on Tinder buy Nier Automata. I stopped when I counted up to 22 people. I just talked a lot about 'Nier Automata' and recommended games, but I never said 'I'm going to do it'.'

According to Kotaku, a game-related news site, Jenny said, ``I met `` Nier Automata '' at a time when I was bullied, abused by my family, and depressed and thinking about suicide.” Jenny was fascinated by everything from the music to the aesthetics of 'Nier Automata.' In addition, Jenny, who became a big fan of Mr. Taro Yokoo , the director and scenario writer of 'Nier Automata', told Kotaku that she has an 'altar' filled with Mr. Taro Yokoo's goods at home. .

Jenny, who didn't have friends in her hometown to talk about 'Nier Automata', decided to increase her encounters on Tinder. It seems that 'Nier Automata' was listed as 'favorite game' in the profile column of Tinder. However, 'When I started Tinder, I would sometimes recommend games to people, but I never promised a sexual relationship in return. But I would buy a woman a drink at a bar. Like the time, most men were looking for a reward for buying games,' Jenny said.

With so many men asking her to go on a one-night date, Jenny becomes defiant and instead of trying to find friends who share her tastes, she instead buys Yokoo, including Nier Automata. He said that Mr. Taro's work began to be propagated to the man who called out.

However, Jenny says that at first she felt that the missionary work was interesting, but she felt emptiness on the way and quit. 'I was horrified to realize how messed up I had become, so I quit. Some were really disgusting, but others didn't like the game or I may have hurt their feelings just by not contacting them because they weren't really interested in thinking or reasoning.'

After that, Jenny seems to have been able to find a friend who can talk about 'Nier Automata' on Discord.

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