A hacker who transplants that 'DOOM' to the tractor's in-vehicle system and appeals for the 'right to repair' appears

Security researcher Sick.Codes unveiled a tractor from Deere & Co. , the world's largest agricultural machinery manufacturer, at the DEF CON 30 hacker event held in Las Vegas on August 15-16, 2022. It is reported that he hacked the system installed in the and ported the masterpiece FPS game ' DOOM '.

Def Con hacker shows John Deere's tractors can run Doom - The Verge

Mr. Sick.Codes has released a movie showing how DOOM is actually running on the 4240 in-vehicle monitor . You can see DOOM running in a translucent window that appears on the control panel UI. The point is that the ported DOOM has been remodeled into the original game content of `` riding a tractor in a cornfield and bouncing enemies ''.

By installing this 4240 in-vehicle monitor on an existing tractor, it is equipped to automatically run the tractor and manage various information. The CPU is NXP 's Arm-based i.MX 6 series, and the OS is Wind River Linux . It seems that it took several months to hack.

In addition, Sick.Codes not only ported DOOM, but also presented a method to jailbreak the tractor system. Deere & Co.'s tractors are equipped with software blocks that prevent farmers from repairing their tractors on their own, but Sick Codes gets 1.5GB worth of logs from the tractor's control display. I was able to do it. Furthermore, it seems that route access became possible by physically modifying the circuit board of the tractor.

This isn't the first time Sick.Codes has hacked a Deere & Co. tractor. At DEF CON 29 in 2021, Sick.Codes reports on interface and OS bugs in tractors released by agricultural machinery manufacturers including Deere & Company. However, as a result of each manufacturer taking measures immediately after that, it became impossible for farmers to repair. As a result, Mr. Sick.Code seems to have received a complaint e-mail saying, 'Because of you, the system can no longer be repaired.'

Farmers are forced to 'hack' to repair their own tractors - GIGAZINE

In the United States, there is a controversy over the 'right to repair'. In 2021, the U.S. Presidential Administration issued an executive order to the Federal Trade Commission to strengthen crackdowns on industry practices that invalidate external repairs, and at the time of writing the article, the ``right to repair'' was issued. I am moving towards acceptance. Deere & Company also announced in March 2022 that it would release repair software that can be used by farmers who own tractors, but it was not possible to repair them freely.

Mr. Sick.Codes believes that 'it is important for farmers to have complete control over their own farm equipment,' and argues, 'Release the tractor!'

“The hack by Sick.Codes is just the beginning,” says Kyle Wiens of iFixit. We know it's built on hardware,' he said.

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