Google's service termination habit is activated, this time IoT device management service 'Cloud IoT Core'

Google ended '

Google Reader ' in 2013, and ended ' Google+ ' in 2018, ending projects with many users. Newly, the end of support for the IoT device management service ' Cloud IoT Core ' has been quietly announced.

Cloud IoT Core release notes | Cloud IoT Core Documentation | Google Cloud

Cloud IoT Core is a service that can manage IoT devices using Google's cloud platform 'Google Cloud', and provides a monitoring function for IoT devices and a two-way communication function for messages. However, Cloud IoT Core stopped updating in February 2019. Then, in August 2022, a notice was displayed in the release notes stating that ' Cloud IoT Core will be discontinued on August 26, 2023. Please contact your Google Cloud account team for details. ' It became clear that the service will end with.

In addition, Reddit, a major Internet bulletin board, said, ``Cloud IoT Core will be available until August 15, 2023'', ``We recommend migrating from Cloud IoT Core to an alternative service'', and ``Additional information about migration over the next year. A report has been posted that an email stating 'I will send you' was received.

Many confused comments were received in the announcement of the end of Cloud IoT Core, and Reddit said, ``Oh my God. If Google wants to increase its credibility, it should avoid an abrupt shutdown.”“At the very least, I hope Google shows a simple transition to an alternative service that manages a large number of IoT devices. I personally love Google Cloud Platform, but if something like this happens, it will be difficult for me to recommend it to my colleagues.”

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