I tried two kinds of Burger King's Big Mouth Burger with a super large volume by sandwiching two 100% beef patties and fried food

For a limited time from Burger King from Wednesday, August 12, 2022 to Thursday, September 1, 2022, two types of `` Onion Ring BBQ Big Mouth Burger '' and `` Cheese & Chicken Big Mouth Burger '' have appeared. . It is a burger with a full volume that combines two 100% beef patties of direct fire with onion rings and chicken patties.

This summer, get fried! 2 pieces of flame-grilled beef and deep-fried food are sandwiched together! Put your big mouth on the new work of 'Big Mouth'! “Onion Ring BBQ” and “Cheese & Chicken” will be released simultaneously


I immediately bought an onion ring BBQ Big Mouth Burger (1230 yen including tax) and Cheese & Chicken Big Mouth Burger (1230 yen including tax).

Onion Ring BBQ Big Mouth Burger can see the onion rings protruding from the bottom of the buns.

Comparing the size side by side with the iPhone 12 mini with a long side of 131.5 mm

When I turned over the buns, the onion rings were on top.

Melted cheese is sandwiched between two beef patties.

I cut it in half to make it easier to eat. As for the taste, the meaty and fragrant of the beef patty grilled directly on the fire is banging, but you can feel the sweetness of the onion in the back. And later, the smoky scent of Bullseye BBQ sauce drifted. Onion ring fly is added to the volume of 2 beef patties, and the response to eating is considerable. I felt that the seasoning was a little simple because two beef patties were sandwiched between them, so it is also ant to change the taste with appropriate seasonings.

Next, I will eat cheese & chicken big mouth burger. A chicken patty is on top of two beef patties, and a melted cheddar cheese slice protrudes from underneath.

Comparing the size side by side with the iPhone 12 mini

Ketchup and mustard on the chicken patty.

Melted cheese between two beef patties.

It's a state of 'fried meat is on top of meat and meat', so there is volume anyway. When you bite into it, you can feel the flavor of chicken from the depths of the fragrance unique to direct fire grilling of beef patties. Also, the ketchup and mustard topped on the chicken patty were a nice accent. And although it looks like cheese is firmly topped, when you actually eat it, the taste is almost occupied by meat, so there was no presence of cheese there.

Onion Ring BBQ Big Mouth Burger and Cheese & Chicken Big Mouth Burger will be available at Burger King stores nationwide for a limited time and in limited quantities from August 12th to September 1st, 2022. The price is 1230 yen including tax for a single item and 1530 yen including tax for a set.

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