Google sued smart speaker maker Sonos after being ruled that 'Google infringed Sonos' patent'

Google has sued speaker maker Sonos for infringing a number of patents on the company's smart speaker and voice control technology. It's also the latest move in the legal battle between Google and Sonos over smart speakers.

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Smart speaker maker Sonos partnered with Google in 2013 to support Google Play Music in its products. At this time, Sonos shared its multi-room speaker technology with Google, but it was discovered that Google used this technology without permission for products such as Chromecast Audio and Pixel. Sonos has repeatedly warned Google to stop using its technology without permission, but eventually sued Google in January 2020 because it continued to be ignored. Sonos claims that Google has infringed on its patents in more than 100 cases by February 2019.

Audio company sues Google that ``Google infringed patents on smart speakers''-GIGAZINE

This lawsuit has expanded to the United States, Germany, Canada, France, the Netherlands, etc. In May 2021, a German court ruled to recognize Google's patent infringement, and in January 2022, the United States international trade The committee (ITC) also ruled that 'Google infringed Sonos' patent.'

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As a result of this ruling, Google's smart speakers will be deleted, such as 'the function to adjust the volume of multiple speakers with the physical button of the smartphone' and 'the function to adjust the volume of multiple speakers at once'.

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After that, in August 2022, Google filed two lawsuits alleging Sonos' patent infringement. One focused on smart speaker wake word detection and wireless charging, and another on how to determine which speaker among multiple speakers responds to voice input. In the two lawsuits, Google alleges Sonos has infringed seven patents.

Google spokesman José Castañeda commented that the lawsuit was filed 'to defend Google's technology and challenge Sonos' apparent and continuing infringement of our patents.' Castañeda criticized the lawsuit by Sonos, saying, ``Sonos has developed an aggressive and misleading campaign against our products at the expense of our mutual customers with Google.''

Google has filed two lawsuits in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, but explains that it plans to file a similar lawsuit against the ITC.

In response, Sonos criticized Google, saying, ``This is a retaliation against Sonos for making remarks against Google's monopoly practices, and a lawsuit to crush smaller competitors.'' A Sonos legal representative commented to The Verge, 'Google's attempt will end in failure.'

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