A report that sued a spammer and got a settlement of 160,000 yen

The dozens and dozens of spam a day can be very annoying, but entrepreneur David Lawrence reports that he has filed a lawsuit against the spammer under the proper law and received a settlement. Published by E Weekly.

Mr. Weekly received a settlement of $ 1,200 (about 160,000 yen) from the spammer. Mr. Weekly clarifies the method.

Start by identifying your opponent. For example, if you know a company or organization that would benefit from a link in spam, you can look up agents for service on the Secretary of State's Office site.

Next, send the contents of `` requesting payment for violation of TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) '' with proof of delivery, and ask the other party to reply within 10 days. The amount of damages is usually $ 500 (about 67,000 yen), and $ 1,500 (about 200,000 yen) if you are registered in the 'Do Not Call' list that prohibits soliciting calls.

And file a small claims action involving the TCPA's salient portion. The cost is $ 35 (about 4700 yen), and it is also possible online.

Serve the defendant's subpoena. This is $ 95 (about 13,000 yen).

If the defendant does not appear in court, the suing side wins first, so spammers cannot ignore it.

So, the negotiations started from here. In the case of Mr. Weekly, there was no problem with bearing the legal costs, so he settled for $ 1,200 against the legal price of $ 1,500.

Once we cash the settlement check, we will drop the lawsuit. At this time, you agree that you will not sue the other party for the same offense again.

In addition, a lawyer who is an acquaintance of Mr. Weekly sells a kit that summarizes a series of necessary items for $ 59 (about 7900 yen).

By the way, this kit is based on the law of the United States to the last, it is said that it does not apply outside the United States.

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