I ate a Gifu specialty `` Chilled Tanuki '' that can be eaten quickly with a large amount of soba with sweet and spicy sauce Review

Sarashina, a long-established

soba restaurant located in the city area of Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, offers a cold menu called 'Hiyashi Tanuki ' in both summer and winter. ``Chilled tanuki'' is a menu with less juice that contains both ``tenkasu'' and ``age'', and most customers order ``chilled tanuki''. In order to overcome the hot summer days, I actually ate chilly cold 'chilled tanuki'.

Chilled tanuki and miso stew | If you want to enjoy lunch in Gifu city, udon and soba restaurant Sarashina

Sarashina is located in an area where Gifu City Hall and Gifu City Central Library are located.

A total of 20 free parking lots are secured, so there is no problem even if you go by car.

When I visited around 13:30 on Saturday, there was a line. However, the flow was very fast and I was able to enter the store in about 5 minutes.

The tabletop menu looks something like this. There are menu items similar to general soba restaurants such as `` Kake soba '' and `` Yamakake soba '', but most customers ordered `` Chilled Tanuki ''. 'Chilled Tanuki' has 4 sizes, small, average, large and extra large, so this time we ordered average, large and extra large. When listening to the orders around me, it seems that Omori is nicknamed 'Double' and Extra Large is called 'Triple'.

All 3 sizes were provided in tens of seconds from the order. The row of 'chilled tanuki' is below. The sauce sinks to the bottom of the bowl, and the soba is topped with tempura bits, deep-fried tofu, green onions, and wasabi.

Comparing the size of Omori (left) and average (right), it looks like this.

And when comparing the size of the average (left) and the oversized (right), it looks like this. The extra-large size is such that it is difficult to lift the vessel.

'Chilled tanuki' has a sauce that settles to the bottom of the bowl, so mix it first before eating.

When you eat it, the soup has a strong sweetness, and you can feel the flavor of bonito and sardines along with the sweetness. In addition, the oil of tempura is mixed with the soup, and the overall taste is rich. An editorial staff member from Kansai who was with us said, ``The taste is clearly different from Kansai-style or Kanto-style soba soup. I think I'll be satisfied,' he said.

It is very good that the sweet soup is soaked in the giveaway, and the juwa and the soup are seeping out in the mouth. It is also possible to add a gift for 30 yen per piece.

Buckwheat seems to have a high ratio of wheat flour, and it comes in a slippery mouth. Also, if you eat it with wasabi, it will change to a refreshing and refreshing taste, so you can eat it until the end without getting tired of large portions such as large and extra large.

When you finish eating the soba, tempura and soup will remain like this.

If you try to drink the soup as it is, you will feel that the taste is too strong. In such a case, soba-yu is prepared in a heat-retaining container on the table ...

It is OK if you put soba hot water until it reaches the desired thickness.

If you add soba-yu and add an appropriate amount of wasabi, you can enjoy it as an after-dinner soup.

In addition, chilled tanuki is 520 yen including tax for small, 680 yen including tax for average, 780 yen including tax for large, 1050 yen including tax for extra large, and is sold all year round in both summer and winter.

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