Overseas review summary of Google's first wireless earphone with active noise canceling 'Google Pixel Buds Pro'

Google released the completely wireless earphone '

Pixel Buds Pro ' on Thursday, July 28, 2022. About the Pixel Buds Pro, which is equipped with the company's first active noise canceling (ANC), has a dynamic sound emitted from a dedicated 11 mm dynamic speaker driver, music playback for up to 11 hours, IPX4 drip-proof specifications, etc. Since the reviews of overseas media are available, I picked up the main reviews and summarized them.

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◆ The Verge
Google Pixel Buds Pro review: the sweet sound of redemption --The Verge

The Verge has the advantages of Pixel Buds Pro such as 'excellent ANC function', 'improved sound and long battery life', 'uninterrupted voice', and can be connected to multiple devices such as smartphones and PCs at the same time. We are evaluating 'support for multipoints'.

On the other hand, the disadvantages are 'dissatisfied with transparency mode' that allows you to hear the surrounding environmental sounds, 'not compatible with advanced Bluetooth codecs', 'audio fidelity that is not as good as the highest level earphones', and 'quality of microphones that have problems'. I mentioned it.

On top of that, The Verge. With a score of '8' out of 10 points, the 'Pixel Buds Pro is the best Google earphone. Google makes the second generation model sad while adding decent ANC, long battery life and great sound. I overcame the connectivity flaws I made. '

◆ TechCrunch
Google Pixel Buds Pro review | TechCrunch


TechCrunch rated the Pixel Buds Pro as superior to its predecessors in terms of 'ANC,' 'improved sound quality with new drivers,' 'improved voice calls with a three-microphone array,' and 'wireless charging.'

In particular, ANC is said to be unfortunately powerful even in the liveliness of New York, 'I have been using the Pixel Buds Pro as the main earphone for a few days, but there is no problem at all, it is almost the same usability as the previous model, so

Pixel It's a great upgrade over the Buds A-Series and the Pixel Buds two years ago. As a New Yorker, ANC can say 'one of the really lonely things without it.'

◆ Android Police
Google Pixel Buds Pro review: Catching up, tuning out, and rocking on

Android Police has the advantages of 'good audio with enough bass', 'competent ANC and great transparency mode', 'capable of connecting two sound sources at the same time', and 'excellent touch control'. On the other hand, the disadvantages are that it does not support high bit rate codecs, that there are almost no equalizer settings, and that it is a little bulky.

Scored '9' out of 10 points, and overall, 'Pixel Buds Pro offers a premium earphone experience in a way that Google's previous attempts couldn't. Earphones cost $ 200. For Android users who spend a lot of money, this is the best choice. '

◆ Mashable
Google Pixel Buds Pro review: Great Android earbuds can't keep up with Apple's best | Mashable


Mashable cites 'all day comfort,' 'excellent ANC,' and 'stable battery life' as the strengths of the Pixel Buds Pro. On the other hand, he pointed out the low affinity with Apple devices and the high price, saying that the drawbacks are that 'full-scale functions cannot be used on iOS' and 'it is not worth the price'.

The score is '4'. I don't see any guidance on how many points, but since Mashable has never given a rating above '5' in the review, it seems to be 4 out of 5 points.

'With intense bass, great comfort, and the long-awaited extremely effective ANC, Pixel followers around the world can pick up the Pixel Buds Pro without worrying about anything,' Mashable said. Said.

On the other hand, because it is not compatible with iOS and the price is high, 'Pixel Buds Pro is based on the fact that there are already great earphones that are compatible with the two major mobile OSs like Beats Fit Pro . It's a little difficult to identify the best user, 'he said, saying that the benefits of choosing the Pixel Buds Pro are small.

◆ Tom's Guide
Google Pixel Buds Pro review: Great ANC meets the best Google Assistant experience | Tom's Guide

Tom's Guide says that the advantages of Pixel Buds Pro are 'powerful noise canceling function', 'rich and dynamic sound', 'reliable control', 'ANC playback time better than AirPods Pro', and 'excellent cooperation with Google Assistant'. I evaluated it as.

On the other hand, the drawbacks are 'loose fit', 'USB Type-C charging cable is not included', 'it feels more expensive than its full-featured rivals', and 'third-party digital assistants are supported.' There was no such thing.

The score is '4' out of 5 points. As a general comment by Tom's Guide, 'Google Pixel Buds Pro is a great noise canceling earphone made for Android users with multiple devices and those who want the best Google Assistant experience. Powerful ANC, sound and versatility. It's one of the most exciting earphones because of its features, but at the same time, you should be aware that it may be loose and not fit, and that third-party digital assistants are not supported. Similar. There are other earphones that offer better features at a price, but when it comes to a complete Google experience, the Pixel Buds Pro is second to none. '

◆ Summary
The Pixel Buds Pro was the first Google earphone to be equipped with ANC, and it was noticed even before its release, and almost all reviewers mentioned ANC, but all of them were highly evaluated. .. In addition, basic performance such as sound quality, operability, and battery life are generally evaluated favorably. On the other hand, it was unpopular because it couldn't show its true value when it was set at a high price and paired with an Apple device, and it did not support advanced codecs.

Google Pixel Buds Pro can be purchased from

Google's online store , and it is also available on Amazon.co.jp, and the price at the time of article creation is 23,800 yen including tax for Charcoal , 20,928 yen including tax for Coral , Fog It is 24,040 yen including tax, and Lemon grass is 20,928 yen including tax. However, all but Charcoal were out of stock.

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