Professional soccer team introduces 'scarf that measures fan's emotions during a match in real time'


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Manchester City FC , a British soccer club, announced that it has developed a smart scarf ' Connected Scarf ' in collaboration with Cisco, an American network equipment developer. The connected scarf has a built-in sensor that allows the operator to measure the emotions of the fan with the scarf around his neck.

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At first glance, a connected scarf is a scarf that fans wrap around their necks or hang up for cheering during a match.

However, a sensor called

EmotiBit is installed inside it.

This EmotiBit is equipped with an accelerometer, thermometer, and skin electrical activity sensor that are installed in smart watches, and measures the wearer's stress level by measuring the slightest change in sweat floating on the skin, and at the same time. It is possible to track the ups and downs of emotions.

Wearable devices such as smart watches are typically used to manage the health of the wearer. This connected scarf uses the same technology as a wearable device, but the data collected is used by the Manchester City FC operator, not the wearer.

Ashley Marsack, Global Sports Marketing Manager at Cisco, said, 'Measuring to better understand the emotional ups and downs of football fans and how football game development affects fans not only emotionally but also physically. I am aiming for. '

Manchester City FC has already revealed that six fans are watching the game with this connected scarf. Also, next season, some selected fans of Manchester City FC and its sister club New York City FC will be able to use the connected scarf.

Manchester City FC has not disclosed how to distribute the connected scarf or what the power supply of the connected scarf will be. The connected scarf is in the testing stage and its use may change before its official release.

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