Introducing technology that expands the turning angle of car tires up to 80 degrees, making parallel parking easier

ZF, a German automobile parts company, has introduced the concept of the strut suspension ' EasyTurn ' that allows tires to be angled up to 80 degrees (the value of how much the tire

can be angled with respect to the direction of travel). released. It is expected that parallel parking and U-turns in tight spaces will be easier than ever.

EasyTurn – Strut Suspension Axle Concept --ZF

Mechanics invent an axle that can achieve steering angles of up to 80 degrees

You can see how EasyTurn works by watching the video below.

ZF Easyturn --YouTube

The front wheels with EasyTurn are normally straight, but ...

It can be tilted up to 80 degrees to the left and right by the driver's operation.

The axle rotates like this, and you can easily turn back in a narrower space than usual.

The turning radius of the car is as follows, and you can see that the Easy Turn shown by the blue line can rotate smaller than the normal car shown by the red line.

ZF says, 'EasyTurn allows you to increase the turning angle of your tires up to 80 degrees. This innovative system benefits both passenger and freight vehicles, especially in narrow urban traffic, parking lots and narrow alleys. , Effective in construction sites, traffic congestion, cargo areas, etc. '

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