Russia plans to withdraw from the ISS and launch its own space station after 2024

As tensions between Russia and other countries increase over the war with Ukraine, Russia has announced that it will withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS) after 2024 and focus on building its own space station by then. ..

Роскосмос объя вил о выходе из проекта МКС после 2024 года --ТАСС

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According to TASS of the Russian state news agency, President Vladimir Putin and Secretary of State Roscosmos, Roscosmos, who is in charge of space development in Russia, met and decided to withdraw from the ISS after 2024. Secretary Borisov also said that he would start developing his own space station ' Russian Orbit Service Station (ROSS) ' by the time of withdrawal.

Russia is required to be involved in the operation of the ISS until 2024 by regulation, but Russia has long planned to leave the ISS due to problems such as the aging of the ISS. In addition to the aging of the ISS, one of the reasons for the withdrawal is that the United States is imposing sanctions on Russia following the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula by Russia in 2014. The sanctions have caused the United States to freeze domestic bank accounts and ban the supply of high-tech equipment to Russia, causing Roscosmos to complain that it 'cannot launch some satellites.' In 2021, Roscosmos' then Secretary of State Dmitry Rogozin received the sanctions and warned that Russia would leave the ISS by 2025 unless the United States lifted the sanctions.

TASS also reports that the Russian space development team believes that it is difficult to run the ISS in parallel with the construction of its own space station. 'Astronauts spend most of their time in orbit to keep the ISS operating, and the burden of science and research programs is heavy,' said Alexander Sergeyev, Secretary of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It is difficult to talk about the efficiency of the ISS in such a situation, 'he said, although he expressed concern about the withdrawal from the ISS, a joint project of various countries, but said that this decision was made.

'Of course, we will fulfill all our obligations to our partners, but it has been decided to withdraw from this station after 2024,' said Borisov, saying that building a unique space station is a 'priority' in the space industry. I did.

It is reported that not only the operation of the ISS but also the development of rocket engines and positioning systems, which have been carried out in cooperation with Russia, may be stagnant. The University of Chicago's historian of science, Jordan Bim, said the Russian statement was 'not a good sign for the future of the ISS,' and was concerned that Russia's withdrawal could cast a shadow over the maintenance of the ISS in the future.

It has been decided that the operation of the ISS will be suspended in 2030, after which plans are underway to drop it on the earth for disposal.

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