Jalapeno mayo has eaten all 8 kinds including McDonald's Hawaiian burger 'Zakuri potato & beef jalapeno mayo'

The classic Hawaiian menu for summer has appeared at McDonald's on Wednesday, July 27, 2022. This time, in addition to the new hamburger 'Zakuriri Potato & Beef Jalapeno Mayo ', ' McFlurry Mixed Berry Pancake Style ', 'McFizz & McFloat Green Hawaii ' & ' Tropical Fruit ', which are said to contain the first pulp, have appeared. So I went to eat.

Eight Hawaiian menus are now available! 'Hawaii! All-Member Assembly' The decisive factor is the spicy sauce! Introducing 'Zaku Cut Potato & Beef Jalapeno Mayo'! Summer classics 'Cheese Loco Moco' & 'Garlic Shrimp' are back again this year! -All new products! A total of 5 types of Hawaiian sweets and drinks are now available! ~ 'McFlurry ® mixed berry pancake style' McFizz ® & McFloat ® first with pulp! 'Green Hawaii' & 'Tropical Fruits' will be on sale for a limited time from Wednesday, July 27, 2022. Pay attention to the BGM that arranges The Drifters' masterpiece 'Ii Yudana'! New TVCM will start broadcasting nationwide from Tuesday, July 26 | McDonald's Official


The sun was harsh, so I quickly entered the store and placed an order.

There are three types of hamburgers, 'Cheese Loco Moco' & 'Garlic Shrimp', which are standard items on the Hawaiian menu, and the new 'Zakuri Potato & Beef Jalapeno Mayo'.

'Zaku-cut potato & beef jalapeno mayonnaise' looks like this. Hashed potatoes, patties, and cheese are sandwiched, and the color is brownish overall.

Special Hawaiian barbecue sauce on top of hashed potatoes. Jalapeno mayo is under the patty so I can't see it.

The cross section looks like this. When eaten, the texture of hashed potatoes is entwined with the sweet and spicy barbecue sauce and the taste of meat. At first, I thought, 'Isn't it spicy for jalapeno?', But as I was eating, the spiciness first came from near my tongue and spread. The editorial staff who do not bother with spicy foods felt that they were 'quite spicy', so it may be better to avoid children and people who are not good at spicy foods.

The classic 'cheese loco moco' looks like this. Patty and fried egg are sandwiched, and one is enough to fill your stomach and eat.

'Garlic shrimp' is sandwiched with shrimp cutlets. The sauce like 'eaten chili oil' is applied under the cutlet, and together with the shrimp cutlet, this is also a moist and heavy type.

This is 'McFlurry mixed berry pancake style'.

A product that mixes soft serve ice cream and mixed berry sauce and puts torn pancakes. The rich flavor of the burger continues, so it feels like the sweetness and acidity reset the mouth.

And drinks. 'McFloat Green Hawaii' on the left and 'McFizz Tropical Fruit' on the right. Both Green Hawaii and Tropical Fruits contain 1% passion fruit juice and 1% pineapple juice.

Green Hawaii is a float, so the sweetness of the soft serve ice cream is strong, and I didn't know the taste of the juice. However, since it contains mango pulp, when the pulp comes into your mouth, it becomes 'Oh, mango flavor'. In addition, since the straw for float has a tip like scooping soft serve ice cream, it will not be sucked up well if the mango pulp remains at the end, so it will be a bit of a problem if you do not drink it while the drink remains well.

I had the impression that tropical fruits are suitable for summer, with a squishy sensation of popping carbonic acid and a moderate sweetness and acidity of the juice.

Eight Hawaiian menus will be on sale for a limited time from July 27, 2022 (Wednesday) to early September.

The hamburger is 440 yen including tax, the McFlurry mixed berry pancake style is 320 yen including tax, the McFizz is 290 yen including tax, and the McFloat is 350 yen including tax.

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