I tried using 'Flowful' which allows you to customize and play ambient music that is perfect for work BGM without creating an account for free.

Many people feel

that listening to ambient music while studying or working improves work efficiency, and many people actually listen to music while working. ' Flowful ' is a service that allows you to play ambient music that is perfect for such work BGM for free and without registering an account, and even customize it to your liking each time you use it.

Flowful --Boost productivity with customizable ambient music

You can see what kind of ambient music you can actually play with Flowful by playing the following movie in one shot.

You can play ambient music that is perfect for work BGM for free and without registering an account. Playing music with 'Flowful' is like this-YouTube

To use Flowful, go to the official website and click 'Start Listening Free'.

Next, choose from five styles: 'Binaural Beats,' 'Classical,' 'Alpha Brainwave,' '

Atmospheric ,' and 'Ambient Video games.' Select the one and click 'Next'. There is no limit to the number of styles you can choose from, so this time I chose all five.

Then, the music to be played is displayed as shown below. Only the song name ('Inertia' in the image below) and the artwork that imaged the song are displayed. In addition, it is said that this artwork is generated using

the image generation AI 'DALL-E 2' which has just begun to release the beta version to the general public .

All that is provided is a play button and three buttons, 'Prev (to the previous song)' and ' Netx (to the next song)', and there is no seek bar that is common in music players. The reason is that all songs that can be played with Flowful do not have a fixed length, and as long as they are played, they flow indefinitely. The length of a song is infinite because if you play multiple songs at random, you may end up with a song that hinders the viewer's concentration. To prevent that, Flowful has an infinite length of music, and in order to generate an infinite length of music, Flowful stitches together human-created audio parts and adds a few random elements. So, we are trying to build songs that suit each style.

In addition to 'My Recommended' and 'My Favorites', the style you first selected is lined up on the left side of the screen, so you can click this to generate songs by style. Possible. However, not all the favorite styles selected at the time of the first use are displayed, and when used by the GIGAZINE editorial staff, the mysterious 'ADHD (Polyrhythmic)' style was displayed.

Also, when playing ambient music, the notation 'What are you focusing on? Select a combo: Type' appears, and when you select the red frame part, 'What are you focusing on? Select a combo: Type' appears. I also encountered a case where you could choose your favorite style from the three styles of 'BINAURAL BEATS', 'REAL SPACES' and 'NOISE'. By selecting your favorite style when such options appear, you can customize the songs played by Flowful to your liking.

When you actually play ambient music with Flowful, it looks like this.

You can play ambient music that is perfect for work BGM for free and without registering an account. Playing music with 'Flowful' is like this-YouTube

To register your favorite songs, you need to create a dedicated account, and you can create an account by linking with Google, Facebook, Twitter, or by registering your email address. To register the song being played as a favorite, click the heart button at the bottom left of the screen.

You can use Flowful for free, but you can also use the paid version by purchasing it for $ 29.99 (about 4100 yen). 'Access to all songs,' 'Access to productivity timer tools,' 'Priority access to newly added songs,' 'Ad removal,' '7-day money-back guarantee,' and 'Tracks,' which are not available in the paid version and the free version. 'Like & comment' and 'support for developers' are possible. However, the paid version of Flowful is offered in a limited quantity, and at the time of writing the article, '298 remaining' was offered.

Premium --Flowful

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